AR Soul Sisters: Refreshing Rest – January

If you missed my previous post introducing AR Soul Sisters, here’s the post that includes what this group is all about.

I’d like to kick the New Year off with focusing on refreshing rest. Because frankly, it’s reallllllyyyy heard for me to meet any other goal when I’m burnt out and have cruddy sleep habits. I don’t think I’m alone. So, let’s get back to basics.

We need our rest mamas. I know it. You know it, but it’s usually one of the first things that gets sacrificed. Am I right?! The baby won’t sleep, we just want some alone time, we can finally start AND finish housework without a little human tugging at legs…the reasons go on, I know. Yet, for most of us, we’re more of the wife, mommy, and friend we want to be when we get refreshing rest.

This month let’s come together to support a culture of rest and learn what rest actually is, the REAL reason(s) why we aren’t resting, new ways of resting. I can’t wait to share our challenges and wins (big or small) in a supportive, safe environment. I deserve it. You deserve it. Our families deserve it. This group will run until January 31st 2019. Head over to the private, exclusive Facebook group here to request to join in.

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