Beckett James – 3 Months

My second-going-on third month of life was really eventful! I changed a lot, and we kicked off my first holiday season!

My brain was working hard this month! I discovered my hands! My whole world has changed now! I started flapping my hand against toys and books. I began sucking on my hands as a way to self-soothe. Mommy and Daddy FINALLY realized how much I like to stand up. So, they’ve began to hold my hands, and I do the rest of the work! It’s so fun! I can follow something with my eyes and head in fluid motion. I began to hold my head up to look at toys when I was placed on my tummy. I giggled for the first time when Auntie Hope was sweeping her hair across my face. (Mommy and Auntie yelled so loudly after, that I think I’m too scared to do it again.) Since I started controlling my posture more, Mommy’s started putting me in the Sit ‘n Play. I love it!

I got my two month vaccines this month. I did great! Really…it was nothing compared to the painful reflux I had a few weeks ago! Mommy & Daddy didn’t cry. Unfortunately, I think they’ve become pretty used to seeing me in pain because of my reflux and allergies. After getting my vaccines, I was my normal self. You would’ve never known I had gotten vaccines.

I still haven’t been a great sleeper, but Mommy & Daddy are getting more sleep than they ever have before, ha! Once, when I was crying after Mommy laid me down for a nap, Mommy came in to comfort me, and I stopped crying and smiled up at her. Man, I wish I hadn’t done that! After that, they started to sleep train me. They took away my swaddle, pacifier, and implemented the Ferber method to teach me how to self-soothe. I responded quickly and really well! I found out that sucking on my hands and rolling on my side is comforting. After sleep training, my longest stretch of nighttime sleep was six hours—double what I was doing! I can put myself to sleep within a minute when Mommy & Daddy lay me down wide awake. But to be honest, I sometimes choose not to, because I REALLY like spending time with people, so I cry a little longer sometimes.

The weather just started getting cold, so we spent as much time outside as possible. Mommy and I usually took off for the woods a couple times a week. Some of my favorite trails that we hiked were the Biology Trails at Southern Adventist University, the Tennessee Riverwalk, and a part of the Benton MacKay trail in the Cherokee National Forest.

My first road trip was to Nashville, Tennessee, to see the Rowe family for Thanksgiving. I did great! I met my Great Oma, Uncle Cody, triplet cousins, and the Thompson family for the first time. I was famous that weekend. Boy, did I eat it up! 🙂

While we were in Nashville we also had a memorial service for my Great Opa who had passed before I was born. Great Opa was in the Navy. It was a big part of his life. So, several Veterans came to Aunt Jamie’s house to present Military Honors to our family. Daddy & I were presented Great Opa’s American flag. They chose me since I’m the only male to carry on the Rowe name. It was super special!

Mommy & I attended my first Christmas parade in Collegedale, Tennessee. Mommy didn’t think I’d pay much mind to the parade, but I was actually really interested! My favorite part was watching the policemen ride around on their motorcycles.

A lot of my extended family isn’t local. So, we have to rely on pictures and video chatting. I video chatted for the first time! My Nana had just had surgery, so I kept her company. Boy, I LOVED looking at the screen and seeing her. She made me smile lots!

Another special moment this month was co-bathing with Mommy. She’d been wanting to do it for a while, but was afraid I would slide out of her hands. So, she waited until Daddy could help her. It was a blast! I couldn’t get enough of it. This better be a new thing we do a lot, Mommy!

My Mommy had really big plans to capture high quality, professional pictures of me each month, but I’ve kept her a little extra busy and distracted. She knew that if she didn’t take SOMETHING, she wouldn’t have anything to document my growth. That’s not an option. So, she put me in this cute outfit and placed me on the wrinkled sheets of her bed. Mommy was irritated with the lighting, and wanted to take pictures earlier in the day when there was more light, but she’s learning that she’s on my timing, not hers, ha! So, she did her best and decided to focus on celebrating me than on perfection. Here’s to my Mommy for making things happen! <3

Mommy’s Favorite Outtakes:

Unedited, Favorite iPhone Photos of My

2nd-Going-On 3rd Month

(November 18-December 17):

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