Beckett James – 10 Months

June 18-July 17 (9th going on 10th month)

Mommy sounds like a broken record…she says that this month has been her favorite so far! (She has said that about every month since I was born!) My 9th-going-on-10th month went by so fast! Probably ‘cause I’m so fast at crawling now, ha! I think me being SO mobile has made for a lot of new adventures and toys this month. Here are some of my firsts:

  • I cut my first tooth! This was painful for our entire household. We all had lots of sleepless nights and naps. I couldn’t leave mommy’s side without wailing. I didn’t like eating very much either, so I lost some weight. No worries though, I’ve gained it back and some!
  • I got an allergy skin test done. My GI specialists and pediatrician wanted this to be done to make sure I was in the clear to eat eggs and peanut butter since I have such a bad history of milk and soy intolerance. I had to lay on my stomach across Mommy’s lap without moving for 15 minutes. I did really well! I played with Mommy’s sunglasses. My test was negative, which told everyone I wouldn’t go into anaphylactic shock over the common food allergies. YAY! My GI specialist gave Mommy the go-ahead to begin weaning me off Neocate and onto Nutramigen. Mommy weaned A LOT slower than the doctor told her to, but can you blame her?! She just got her sleep back and has been enjoying a happy baby! Anyways, I did awesome and am now on full hydrolyzed formula. The next step is to wean me off one of my two GERD medicines!
  • I’ve started walking only using one hand hold for assistance, but much prefer to crawl. It seems faster.
  • On 4th of July, we all went to Auntie Hope’s pool so that I could swim in a pool for the first time. I was famous there! Everyone kept commenting how calm and relaxed I was in the water. I actually even laid back and just floated around in my float, ha!
  • I saw fireworks for the first time. I didn’t know what to think of it at first, then after a while, I got pretty startled and felt uneasy, so me and Mommy watched from the car.
  • I’ve started to sit and listen to books being read from beginning to end! This makes my parents excited because they’re big readers!


I’ve had fevers before, but this month I woke up from a nap with a 103.1-degree fever and was shaking. Thankfully, my parents were already waking me up from my nap to take me to my 9-month check-up, so I got to see my doctor right away! They determined it was viral. After a few days, I was back to normal! (Between this and teething, none of us have gotten good sleep!)

Mommy keeps our social calendars quite full, and we had some special visits this month! Grandma and Grandpa Rowe visited to give Daddy his birthday gift and take Mommy out to Olive Garden for her belated birthday gift. I also visited with cousin Chloe and Maddie. We went to the Ocoee Whitewater Center and swam. This was so fun that I refused to nap at all! Great Grandparents Yates also visited because they’ve just gone under contract with a house here in Chattanooga! They had pizza and I entertained them with my hilarious self.

Mommy’s been sad that my nursery is the only room in the house that’s not decorated. (If you didn’t know, she LOVES to decorate.) I never spent time in my old nursery before they sold the old house, so she’s been anxious to get my nursery here done. One day while she was away at work, Daddy started painting my room! She came home and was so happy! It’s officially the same shade of white as my old nursery. We just need to shiplap one wall and hang the décor! I hope I’m as sweet as Daddy when I grow up.

Mommy’s started planning our trip to Colorado to see Papaw next month, as well as my first birthday party. We have a feeling the next few months are going to fly by. It makes Mommy sad, but excited too. I’m just downright excited! Can’t wait to share more stories with you next month!



Unedited, Favorite iPhone Photos of My 9th-Going-On 10th Month:

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