Beckett James – 4 Months

  • Height: 25” (42nd percentile)
  • Weight: 13 lbs 15 oz (18th percentile)
  • Head circumference: 41.75 cm (53rd percentile)


My third month of life (December 18-January 17) was PACKED with holiday fun, development, and family!

My firsts this month:

  • Giggling when someone does something silly or tickles me.
  • My saliva glands came in, so I’ve become a drool machine!
  • EVERYTHING goes into my mouth.
  • I’m not as jerky when I move my arms to reach for things.
  • Touching Mommy’s face whenever she talks to me. I especially like to rub her face as I fall asleep next to her when we nap together. She thinks it’s the sweetest.
  • Sleeping more than 7 hrs! Started sleeping 12 hours straight!
  • Mommy found me a jumperoo! I LOVE it. I’m still a little too short, so I have to have books stacked, ha!
  • Sitting strapped IN a stroller and highchair. I never knew such a fun thing existed! I can see so much!
  • Getting my chest up off the floor during tummy time.
  • Trying to hold my bottle and smacking/pushing it away when I’m done eating.
  • I’ve perfected finding my thumb to suck on it. I rarely let go of it some days. Sometimes I even prefer my thumb over my Wubbie!
  • I get extra excited when I see Mommy and I’m starting to recognize people that I see every day.
  • Lots and lots of “talking.”


Mimmie and Bubby visited for my First Christmas! Mimmie cried when she first saw me. We had so much fun while they were here. Mommy & Daddy got to go on a date to the Cheesecake Factory one day. Oh! I had my first trip to the zoo while they were here. We went to the Chattanooga Zoo Holiday Lights event to see the animals open their Christmas gifts. Auntie Hope, Justin, Adelaide, and Savannah joined us too! I mostly slept, but I heard it was really fun! On Christmas Eve we went on a BIG hike up and around Lookout Mountain. Mommy carried me in the Ergo. I was so snug! We stopped up on Sunset Rock to enjoy the view, but it was REALLY nippy up there, so we headed back down. It was a good thing, because the sunset before we could make it back to the car! So, we hiked in the dark with only phones for flashlights. It was truly an adventure! Then, Bubby made Christmas dinner for all of us. Nanny and Great Aunt Nae came over too! (My Christmas photos are coming – stay tuned! I have a special outfit to debut! ;))

While Mimmie & Bubby were here, I slept really well! Each night was longer and longer, starting at 8.5 hrs up to 10.5 hrs straight! Mommy & Daddy were really anxious that I wouldn’t keep it up, but I did! I only had one night where I needed a night feed, after that I’ve been sleeping 12 hours straight—8:30p-8:30a! My naps have changed too. I was napping 1.5-2 hrs at a time, but now it’s more like 35-50 minutes at a time. This has Mommy really frustrated, but she’s grateful for nighttime sleep!

My Cousin Chloe turned nine-years-old this month. I got to celebrate with her, Maddie, Auntie Sarah, and Uncle Brian at their hotel in Chattanooga! We had a potluck-style dinner, they sang worship songs to me, and then I watched them swim in the pool!

I met Auntie Katie, Cousin Heidi, Mike, and Aubrey for the first time! They came and stayed with us for a night. We also went to the aquarium, which was really cool! It’s so fun to watch all the animals. I’m wide-eyed the whole time! Mommy & Daddy couldn’t resist getting an annual membership for us since I enjoy it so much!

I started struggling with painful reflux and choking again, so the doctor weight-adjusted my medication, and Mommy thickened my food even more. Dr. Douglas Laman, my GI specialist, wants me to get 6 mg of Nexium, but it only comes in five and 10 mg packets. So, Mommy bought a scale on Amazon that’s meant to weigh diamonds and other gems. You wouldn’t believe how SUPER sensitive it is! Daddy tediously measures out one mg for me. He’s much more patient and precise than Mommy, ha!

I’ve noticed Tessa & Tilly before, but now it’s hard to take my eyes off them! I smile at them and love when they move around the house. I can’t wait to pet them and throw food on the ground for them real soon!

I’ve been described as a great communicator. I make great eye contact over long periods of time and “talk back.” I love to “talk” while I’m playing too. I’ve explored lots of different ranges and volumes. It really takes Mommy & Daddy by surprise sometimes! I’ve gotta keep them on their toes, yah know?!

I’m looking forward to month four. Maybe I’ll have my first snow? You never know! J

Unedited, Favorite iPhone Photos of My 3rd-Going-On 4th Month:

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