Beckett James – 7 Months

This last month a lot changed for my family (my sixth, going on seventh month). We sold the house I came home to and moved into a new construction. I never spent a night in my first nursery, which makes Mommy REALLY sad since she and Daddy spent so much time on it, but we’re all settling into our new home well and are making our new home our own. 🙂 This has really taken up the most of this month.

Since Mommy & Daddy needed extra help this month because of the move, I got to spend some extra time with friends and family. I saw my Rowe grandparents and my great grandparent Yates a couple of times. I also spent time with the Rose family for my girlfriend, Adelaide’s, 6th birthday party, while Mommy & Daddy moved, and one of the days when both Mommy & Daddy had to work. I slept great in Savannah’s old crib with no problems! Ms. Bayley was impressed that I didn’t cry at all when she laid me down to sleep.

I’ve started developing a really special bond with Tessa & Tilly. In our old house I would walk in my walker up to the glass door and giggle at them while they walked around on our deck. When we moved, I got to be around them a lot more. I LOVE watching them walk around the house and army crawl towards them. I giggle hard when they lick my hands and feet, but Mommy & Daddy try to get them to stop. Tilly seems to have a special interest in me, because she gets very anxious when I cry and likes to be right near me and Mommy.

I’m still developing fast.  Here are some of my first times:

  • Spending all day away from both Mommy & Daddy
  • Mastered rolling from back to tummy – making diaper and clothes changes very challenging!
  • Walking in my walker – I chase Mommy, Daddy, and the dogs everywhere…well, as best as I can. 🙂
  • Getting into the crawling position and later army crawling
  • Pulling up on the laundry basket, side of the tub, and trying to pull up on everything else
  • Walking while someone holds my hands – my new favorite thing to do!
  • Getting a cold
  • Doing a cupie in Daddy’s hands
  • Sleeping on my stomach all the time
  • Big boy tub – I love being able to sit up in it and play!
  • Going to a friend’s birthday party (Adelaide Rose)
  • Moving into a new house
  • Having bouts of separation anxiety
  • In a tree swing
  • I’ve taken even more of an interest in books, textures, and details (e.g. zippers, tags, grass, flowers, etc.).
  • Perceiving distance between objects
  • Looking for something I dropped and reaching to get it
  • Mastering the idea that items can be placed inside, outside, on top of, next to, underneath, or in-between something else
  • Blowing air, especially when I don’t like a certain food 🙂


Here are some pictures my Mommy took to celebrate turning 7-months-old right before Easter and on Mommy’s birthday! <3

Unedited, Favorite iPhone Photos of My 6th-Going-On 7th Month:

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