Beckett James – 9 Months

This month was totally packed. Unfortunately, it started with getting news that Papa Velbis had another severe stroke. I turned 8-months-old that day. That was really sad news. But during my 8th-going-on-9th month, I had lots of fun memories…and some more not so fun ones.

The day after getting the news about Papa, I went to urgent care. My right man-boob hurt SO BAD. I couldn’t stop screaming and wanted nothing to touch it, even my clothes! It turned colors and got really swollen. Turns out I had cellulitis. I got some antibiotics for a while and was even good the next day!

I visited with a lot of people this month, including Auntie Katie and Heidi, the Carlson family, and Auntie Jamie and my triplet cousins twice! When Auntie Katie and Heidi came, we went swimming at Ocoee lake. I couldn’t have had more fun! I walked into the water from the shore and went all the way up to my neck! I would’ve gone further, but Daddy said it wasn’t a good idea. Bummer.

Mommy went to Colorado for a week to help take care of Papa. Daddy and I hung out. It was good bonding time! I had a small cold during this time. Daddy had to work one of the days Mommy was gone, so he drove me to Nashville to Auntie Jamie’s from Chattanooga. We all hung out for a while, but then I spent the night with Auntie Jamie without Mommy OR Daddy. It went alright. I think I woke Auntie Jamie up pretty early. Whoops. After Daddy worked a 12-hour shift, he drove back to Nashville to pick me up. Daddy really did awesome taking care of me and made it seem like a breeze! (And Mommy’s really proud that she didn’t helicopter parent AT ALL! Ha!) Next time, we’re all going out to Colorado together, and I’ll get to see Papa for the first time since I was 10 days old!

It’s been really hot, but Mommy and I still get out a lot. In fact, my legs are tanner than anywhere else on my body from going on so many walks! One of our adventures was to the Ocoee White Water Center. I loved watching the water. I “scaled” my first rock face here too!

I mastered army crawling, but started crawling the “right way” the day after Mommy got home from Colorado. We’re really glad she got to witness it. Ever since, all I want to be is mobile. I’m into EVERYTHING. I don’t even like to sit to drink a bottle. That seems to frustrate Mommy & Daddy, but they’re pulling through, ha! I have actually gotten cuddlier when I feel like it. They seem to really like those moments. 🙂

I’ve been pulling up on everything for a while, but I’ve mastered it now and can easily cruise along furniture and move from one piece of furniture/toy to another. I’m having a little difficulty learning how to sit back down. I’m so afraid of it! Mommy has been helping me practice!

I place my right pointer finger on every object before touching it with the rest of my hand. Everyone seems to think it’s cute, but I do it for function! You gotta check things first to avoid getting into trouble!

I don’t remember exactly when I started saying “ma-ma” and “da-da.” I think I’ve been talking like that for quite a while, but now I say random made-up words and make lots of new noises. It’s never quite around here!

Anyways…Mommy says this has been her favorite month with me. She’s been saying that every time a new month comes. She just keeps telling me that it keeps getting better and better! <3

Unedited iPhone Photos of my 8th-going-on-9th Month:

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