Beckett James – Six Months

Height: 27” (77th percentile)

Weight: 16 lbs 9 oz (31st percentile)

Head circumference: 44 cm (71st percentile)

I’ve changed a lot during my fifth month of life (February 18th – March 18th). A lot has also changed for our family. During this whole month we’ve been focusing on selling our house and moving into another. The move was not expected and had to happen fast. It’s been really challenging and has made us all learn how to be more flexible and roll with the “punches.”

Another big “event” happened this month—I met my Nana, Uncles, and Auntie KB! They came during their Spring Break and spent a whole week with us! My uncles were a little nervous to be around me at first since they’ve never been around a baby before, but by the end of the trip, I think they really enjoyed spending time with me and helping out. I already look up to them quite a bit! My Nana took me on shopping trips while Mommy and Daddy went on a date and when Mommy needed some extra rest. She spoiled me with new books and clothes, and she spoiled Mommy and Daddy with home-cooked meals EVERY DAY! We also went to the aquarium, which I’m loving more and more as I get older. We had too much fun to tell you every thing, but those are some highlights. I already miss them and hope it won’t be too long until I see them and Grandpa Velbis again…

Here’s how I’ve been developing:

I started solids this month and it’s SO fun! I felt so big in by high chair and really couldn’t wait for Mommy to give me a bite of something different than formula! In my first sitting, I finished three tablespoons of oatmeal and four ounces of peas! I’ve learned my favorites are peas, carrots, and sweet potato. Fruit is tolerable, but not my favorite. Those teething wafers and puffs are super good too. I highly recommend them. The rest is history! I just LOVE eating real food! So much so that going out to eat with me is a bit of a chore now, so I’ve been told. I pull on plates, cups, and nearly face dive into whatever food is put on the table, ha!

I talked a lot before, but now I enjoy shrieking at the highest pitch possible. It can be really jarring. There was one moment that I really scared Auntie Hope. She actually thought it was Mommy who screamed! I’ve also discovered that I can make deep, glottal sounds. Sometimes I’ll repeat the sound someone makes. Mommy’s convinced that I’m saying words every now-and-again, but really the sounds I’m making are just becoming more distinct. I also blow a lot of bubbles. Mommy thinks it’s really cute until my spit hits her in the face, ha!

I’ve become lots more mobile this month and have taken a strong liking to my toes. Did you know how yummy those things are?! You’re missing out if you don’t! I can get my chest off the floor with my arms straight. I started rolling from back to tummy and can’t get enough! I’m officially a belly sleeper now! I started the month with sitting with some support, but now I can sit unassisted for about half a minute! I LOVE standing and jumping. I grumble whenever someone wants to cradle hold me.

My hands have become so useful! I can grab anything I want all of the time. I’ve discovered that it’s super fun to pull on people’s nose, chin, and lips while they’re holding me. (I’m not sure they always like that, but I just can’t help it!) I’m also obsessed with details like zippers, tags, laces, etc. Mommy loves that I can play more by myself. That’s really helped her during this time of moving!

I’m a very good problem solver! I started learning that things can be inside something. When my mommy puts things inside of something, like a box, I go looking for it! If I drop my toy, I look around for it and try to get it. I reach as hard as I can, but I still can’t get some things. (There’s got to be a fix for that, right? Something about crawling?) I also like to bang things on the table or floor. Sometimes this has led to me unintentionally throwing things, so Mommy and Daddy have had to pick things up and give it back to me over, and over, and over. Sorry!

I’m quite the social butterfly. I love when we go out-and-about or when we visit with friends. There’s just so much to observe and take in. I could win awards for the amount of people watching I do! Oh, I discovered I have a friend when I look in the mirror. He seems to be JUST like me! I giggle A LOT. I’ve started giggling AT things, like when Mommy dances, instead of only when things are done to me. I’ve learned what distance is, and that sometimes it means Mommy and Daddy can walk away from me. I don’t like it when they do that. I prefer them to be right next to me. Wouldn’t you?! They’re so fun!

Well, I’ve got to go and eat some more solids, maybe help Mommy & Daddy pack too. We move March 26th, and it’s coming up fast! I can’t wait to get settled and back into a routine with Mommy and Daddy. Though God has blessed us a lot this month. 🙂

Unedited, Favorite iPhone Photos of My 5th-Going-On 6th Month:


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