Beckett’s First Christmas

Alright guys, I’m having some serious #momguilt over here. It’s March 1st, and I’m just now sharing photos from Beckett’s first Christmas! Ah! Life’s thrown us some fast-moving curve balls since Christmas. I really haven’t had the time to edit personal photos and blog, but when I opened my laptop last night to peek at pictures of Beckett during Christmas time, I realized—he looks NOTHING like the baby in those pictures anymore, and in a few weeks, we’ll be taking his six months photos (HOW?!?!?!). So, I stayed up late editing, because I just can’t deprive the world of this cuteness 🙂

When I was pregnant, I remember being SO excited for Beckett to be three-months-old. It meant we’d get to experience my favorite holiday together—Christmas, and of course, also because that age is so much fun since it seems like babies start to come into their little personalities then. The amount of Christmas- and Winter-themed clothes I had bought for him was unreal. Jimmy and I found a themed clothes rack at a store. I literally put every outfit that was sized for three-months-old in my cart! Really, I did! I tried to put Beckett in a new, themed outfit every day. I’m not sure I got to them all, ha!

Mimmie and Bubby (my mom and stepdad) visited for Beckett’s First Christmas! Mimmie cried when she first saw him. We had so much fun while they were here. Jimmy and I got to go on a date to the Cheesecake Factory. We all went to the Chattanooga Zoo Holiday Lights event to see the animals open their Christmas gifts. On Christmas Eve we went on a BIG hike up and around Lookout Mountain. I carried Beckett in the Ergo while Bubby carried the hiking pack. We stopped up on Sunset Rock to enjoy the view, but it was REALLY nippy up there, so we headed back down. It was a good thing, because the sunset before we could make it back to the car! So, we hiked in the dark with only phones for flashlights. It was truly an adventure! Then, Bubby made Christmas dinner for all of us. Nanny and Great Aunt Nae came over too!

Beckett gave us the best Christmas gift EVER—12 hours of sleep! During my parents’ visit, each night of sleep was longer and longer, starting at 8.5 hours up to 10.5 hours straight! Jimmy and I were really anxious that he wouldn’t keep it up, but he did! He’s had only had one night feed since then (remember, it’s March 1st now, ha!). We’re supper excited about this and thank God every night! 🙂

The holidays were over in a flash. I procrastinated on putting away the decorations and all of Beckett’s themed clothes. Actually, I think he did end up going out and about in a Christmas-themed outfit after Christmas…but New Years hadn’t happened yet, so that’s okay, right?! J We’re really excited for next Christmas, because our little man will be over a year old, and surely will be into everything! 🙂

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