Family Hike on Clemmer Trail

It’s been a chaotic several months. We’ve been in desperate need of some R&R. So, we decided to leave the dishes, the toys scattered all around the house, and the clean pile of laundry mounding in our bedroom for the Cherokee National Forest.

Jimmy and I hiked this trail with our furbaby Tessa years ago. It was so neat to revisit this trail and share it with Beckett. He’s gone hiking LOTS, but this hike was his first time in the pack. He loved it!

It’s a fairly easy out and back 3.2 mile hike with two creek crossings and two waterfalls. We went fairly early in the day, so we had the trail all to ourselves on the way to the falls. This was nice, but also meant the spider webs weren’t swatted down yet, ha! Beckett enjoyed watching Jimmy swing a tick back and forth the whole way.

Jimmy made me nervous the whole time at the falls. He was determined to get to a flat rock that led into the water. That sounds nice, but it didn’t look to safe getting DOWN to it with Beckett in the pack! Ugh. Jimmy drove me nuts, but we did make it down to a mid-level flat rock. Beckett really enjoyed exploring the textures that were growing on the rocks and tried to eat plenty of flowers. He ate his lunch by the falls too, which I’m sure he thought was pretty cool.

On our way back, Beckett fell asleep in the pack. We had brought stuff for him to swim in the creeks, but we decided to let him rest. He was so wiped. Next time!

We’re so proud of how well he did and so happy we convinced ourselves to take a break. Here are some photos from my DSLR and some photos from my phone. 🙂

Mommy’s iPhone Pics:

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