Guess What I’m Doing—Virtual Third Shooting!

I’ve been itching to second shoot a wedding for years now. For whatever reason, despite my best efforts, the universe seems against that. I want to get into the wedding photography industry, but also want to make sure I’m can provide my clients with an amazing experience and gorgeous photos. I don’t believe I could learn how to become an excellent wedding photographer from a text-based course. I need real-life scenarios in real-time.

That’s why I’ve invested in being a virtual third shooter with Katelyn James! Thank God for her entrepreneurial creativity, because this educational resource is unlike any other and PERFECT for where I’m at in my business right now!!! Every month I get to watch her photograph AND edit a new wedding and portrait session. She keeps it raw–sharing the good AND the bad! I watch her work under pressure, in less than ideal locations, with crazy timelines, challenging dynamics, etc. My Type A, note-taking personality is swooning over the ways Katelyn delivers this resource. Along with the unscripted, real-life video, she provides voice over recordings that teach to that moment in the video, time-marked PDF guides, and more!

I’ve invested in all of her other huge courses—Posing, Light & Location, and Consistency. I’m excited that KJ All Access continues to keep the topics taught in those courses fresh and provides EVEN MORE real-life, real-time application (as if what she already provided in those courses wasn’t enough!).

Okay, I realize that I sound like an ad for KJ All Access. I assure you, I’m not! I’m just really THAT excited about this investment. Praying that it helps me better serve my clients and opens up a whole new world of photography that I’ve been dying to get to know! 🙂 Thanks for following along my adventure!

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