How to Survive with Kids at Home Full-time

My Social Worker Heart wants for good to come out of the COVID-19 quarantine. While learning how to survive with kids at home full-time, I think we have an opportunity here to strengthen our families and faith; rejuvenate our souls; and reprioritize our lifestyles. But I know that having uncertainties loom over a household is draining. And having routines, like being at home with children full-time, changing on top of that…well, that’s asking for skyrocketing stress levels!

I’ve never been through an pandemic like this before (and hopefully never will again). So, I’m no pro at this. In fact, I’m surviving right along with you! But after experiencing several days of quarantine, I’ve discovered some coping strategies and resources that I thought might be of value to someone else staying at home full-time with children.

I know I’m a little behind the curve of sharing this, but I needed time to process and experience it. Regardless, I hope this information is still relevant to someone, even this whole pandemic ends tomorrow!


Explaining the Pandemic & Social Distancing

Caring for Yourself

  • Reframe, reframe, reframe!
    • For example, it’s okay that we have to find a temporary, new routine. Let’s be honest, we’ve had to change our “routines” how often as our children have developed?! Yeah, we’re already pros at it, and most of us don’t even realize it.
  • Have one person you check-in with each day
  • Get active or breathe fresh air for at least 30 minutes.
    • The other day, I literally sat in the middle of my yard doing while Beckett threw rocks. Sounds hilarious, and it was, but it felt really good to breathe fresh air and not have him clinging to me.
  • Re-center at the beginning and end of the day.
  • Pay for food and grocery delivery!
    • It’s worth paying so that you minimize your risk of getting sick! Many items on my order have had to be substituted, which is frustrating, but we’ve been able to make do. Right now, it’s not about gourmet meals, or even having our “usual” meals, but surviving and waiting this whole thing out. Beans and rice it is!
    • You may want to consider purchasing pre-made frozen meals to minimize stress. We love having our Veestro meals They’ve been delivered to us well before the pandemic, but now we’re extra thankful for having this option! It’s minimized how often we have to grocery shop, nearly eliminated meal prep, and ensures we’re eating vegan! The meals are very yummy and versitale.

Activities for the Littles

  • Lovevery has an awesome page on their website called, “Activity Central.” It breaks activities down by age and many of the materials used are common household goods! We’ve done several of the recommendations and LOVE them!
  • Cosmic Kid Yoga
  • Virtual museums, zoos, and theme parks – here’s a massive list of those offering!
  • Pinterest search for activities – I’d make a list of activities, but there’s so many different ages and options, so here’s my search.
  • See if your local library is offering virtual story time
  • If you allow electronics, give yourself grace about the amount of screen time you may end up using. This is temporary!
  • Do yourself a favor and rotate toys, so that they become “new” again!
  • When in doubt, put them outside or play with water!


Activities for You

  • Start a Whatsapp group chat and fill it with memes (my personal fave)
  • Video chat with loved ones frequently
  • Prioritize a list of projects you haven’t had time to do. Start one during naps or after bedtime and work your way down.
    • KonMari your house and sell unwanted or unused items on Facebook Marketplace. If you don’t (or can’t) sell the item(s) during this crisis, remember to “renew” your item in the Marketplace when the time’s right.
    • Make photobooks/albums – Shutterfly has everything at 50% off until March 24th!
  • If you love photography, participate in Annette Heck Photography’s daily photo challenge #capturingourhomebound


Stay Up-to-Date on the News


I’m praying the COVID-19 pandemic ends soon, and that some good comes out of it. I hope this shared something resourceful for you or whomever you may share it with who’s also learning how to survive with kids at home full-time during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re in this together, so if you’re doing or using something that’s been helpful, please share it in the comments!

Stay well!

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