Our Story: Life Since Then

After we got married, we lived in Orlando, Florida for about two years. While we were there, we started our professional careers there as a Social Worker and Registered Nurse, soaked up time with my family, and adopted our second furbaby, Tilly! 🙂 Half of my family ended up moving to Colorado just six months after we moved there (huge bummer!), so we finished up our work obligations, and in 2016, God made a seamless way for us to move back to Chattanooga and settle into our first home.

We love being back in the South to enjoy hiking in the mountains, swimming in shark- and gator-free water, and experience all four seasons! When we first moved back, Jimmy began serving at a local hospital as a Registered Nurse in a trauma-step down unit and has now worked his way into management (proud wifey!). I served just a floor below him as a Level IV Neonatal ICU Social Worker for just over a year. During that year, God placed the desire in my heart to build photography clientele in our new city. That began a whole new journey that deserves it’s own section!

We’ve been married about four years now and are expecting our first child in September 2018, Beckett James! I’m going to be a boy mom! Ah! 🙂 We have been so blessed. All because of online dating (I still have a hard time with admitting that, ha!). I guess I owe a lot of thanks to my best friend. 🙂

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