Panama City Beach Vacation 2020

We finally took Beckett on his first beach trip! As a Native Floridian, I was so excited to share this experience with Beckett at Panama City Beach. He’s such a water and sand kid, so I couldn’t wait to see how much he loved the beach.

My stepdad’s family shares a beach house that’s on Panama City Beach, and they were gracious enough to share it with us for an entire week! The COVID-19 pandemic rescheduled our vacation once in the Spring, but we were able to make make it happen in October!

Though we were so disappointed about having to reschedule the trip, I think it was a blessing to go in October! We had PERFECT weather. The mornings and evenings were cool—perfect for warm drinks and snuggles. The daytime was just warm enough to make swimming in the ocean fun and soaking up vitamin D! There were no crowds, so we didn’t have to wait to use amenities or tables at restaurants. We also had the bizarre experience of coming home from the beach to see Fall colors!

The Resort

The family’s beach house was a part of Venture Out Vacation Resort. It’s an ideal set up for a family vacation. The resort is across the street from the beach and has over 700 other rental homes. The resort has endless free amenities—mini golf, shuffleboard, 2 pools, playground, basketball court, beach volleyball, horseshoes and fishing on the lagoon. It is also next door to a beautiful state park, which we drove our personal golf cart too!

The beach house itself was perfect too! It has a HUGE wrap-around, furnished patio with a view of the Lagoon. If it wasn’t for Beckett’s toddler energy, I think we would’ve easily just stayed at the well-stocked house to relax and enjoy the view. But we were gone doing outdoor things every chance we got! We probably didn’t even discover all outdoor sports supplies that was stashed away at the house for us to use. There was no need to rent anything to have fun, which was so nice!

I mentioned we did SO MUCH, right! It’s impossible write about it all, so I’m sharing it in pictures. There are captions for most images to add to the story, so you can feel a part of it. 🙂 I will share our ONE of our favorite memories though, because we didn’t get a single picture of it!

My favorite memory: we paddle boarded with wild dolphins!

The beach house had a paddle board for us to use, which we took out as much as possible. One morning, Jimmy and I were on the paddle board together while Bobby, my stepdad, snorkeled nearby. There was a kayaker fishing a little ways away. He was attracting dolphin who wanted to eat his fish. Bobby told us that dolphin are attracted to the sound of slapping on the water’s surface, so we started doing it. SURE ENOUGH! They came over! They were within arms reach and swam around us. Bobby quickly swam over and got even closer! One of the dolphins swam underneath him, went belly up, and starting “talking” to him and waving his flippers! HOW COOL IS THAT?! We soaked up the time with the dolphins as long as we could. It felt so surreal. It’s something I’ll always remember!

Anyways, I can truly go on and on about all our experiences, but this post will never get published. It’s already delayed because as soon as we got home, I was thrown into my fully-booked Fall calendar. I’m pretty proud it’s being posted before 2021, to be honest, ha! 🙂 I’m first sharing images taken with my DSLR. We didn’t have time to take a family photos or include me, but we have plenty of phone images to make up for it that follow after!

From Mommy’s “speh-shell camwah”

Our phones’ perspective of our family vacation!

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