Who Would’ve Thought…

2020’s a thief. It stole a lot…joy, experiences, togetherness. Am I right?! But this season of thanksgiving has refocused my mind and reminded me that it hasn’t alllll been bad. Who would’ve thought?!

So even though we may not be celebrating on this Thanksgiving Day like we normally would, let’s still celebrate together by sharing five things that stand out in our lives despite 2020! You up for this perspective shift?! It feels good. I promise! 🙂 Here are my five:

  1. Even during a pandemic, my business booked 2.5x more sessions than 2019 and has 4x more weddings booked for 2021 than I had in 2020.
  2. Beckett continued to develop and bring a joy in our lives that we never could’ve imagined. It’s indescribable.
  3. My dad was told that his stroke recovery would plateau one-year post-stroke, but he’s continued to make improvements more than a year and a half later!
  4. Jimmy’s job at Parkridge Medical Center as a nurse has been a huge blessing during a time when others are losing jobs. Had he not changed health systems in 2019, our experience would’ve been worlds different.
  5. Though we don’t have any local family, my mom and stepdad visited nearly every 6-8 weeks to keep us company, give us a break, and have lots of fun. I know this has been a huge sacrifice for them. It’s something that we’ve been so grateful for!


What are yours? Even one thing is better than none! 🙂


From my family to yours, happy Thanksgiving!

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