Casual Engagement Photo Outfits

Yay! It is time for your engagement photos! Did you opt for casual engagement photo outfits? If that’s your vibe, I’m here for it! Still don’t know what to wear though if going casual?

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My couples get all the details in their ARP Experience Guide when booking, but here are some of my favorite ways to consider going casual in your engagement photos! 

Styled Items/Props

I don’t necessarily mean cheesy, Hobby Lobby styling items or props, but if there’s an old porch swing we can toss a blanket on and get you two to cuddle up, it goes from ‘blah’ to ‘fun’ in a hurry! Swings, blankets, and even a classic car to lean against bring an element of casual to your photoshoot!

Date Night Get-Up

Think about what you’d wear on a typical date night. Jeans and a sweater? Maybe a flirty sundress with flat sandals. Date night outfits are great starting points for casual engagement photo outfits. I even love doing “date-night” styled shoots where maybe we stop for your favorite ice cream and get some cute ice cream parlor images of you two together!

Makeup Makedown

If makeup is your thing, go for it! But in more styled shoots, makeup is often done professionally. If you want to do that, go for it! Just consider telling the makeup artist that you are having casual engagement photos taken so that the makeup matches the mood!


For the guys, casual doesn’t mean a mess! Still opt for fitted pants so that attention is drawn away from the legs and feet and to the face. Fitted-colored pants are a great casual option for guys that help build some depth into the photos as well! 

Opting for layers can still be more casual! Think of a nice v-neck shirt under an open-button or zip-front sweater. It is casual but with substance and style.

For ladies, we’ve already talked about wearing a date-night look, but still consider the advice of opting for neutral shades instead of bright bold colors. Sophisticated colors like gray, creams, leather brown, soft pinks and blues, and whites can still read casually with the right outfit selection.

Shoes for ladies can quickly take a photoshoot from casual to fancy so consider opting for wedges or cute sandals. If you can’t get away from the heels, consider a wedge in natural color or texture! It is a heeled shoe but doesn’t read fancy like a stiletto.


Same ideas that apply for a fancier engagement shoot, still matter here for casual! Catching those barely there hairs by shaving, waxing, or tweezing before your photo shoot still matters! Whether you’re opting for a more laid-back approach or not, I never recommend picking at your skin before photos! It is much easier to edit a localized blemish, than red, irritated skin! Keep your nails a neutral color if opting to have them painted and make sure the guys trim their nails up too!

If a casual engagement photo session is more “you” then go for it but still consider your outfits and how you prepare ahead of your photoshoot!

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