Classy Photo Shoot On The Westside

Classy Photo Shoot

Classy Photo Shoot on the Westside | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

After one of their first e-mails, I knew that Rebekah & Shawn were a couple who I HAD to work with. Rebekah shared that they met through playing football, which instantly won me over since she can hold her own in a male-dominated sport, and their proposal story was filled with careful planning, sentimental details, and a focus on sharing the experience with close loved ones. I mean, Shawn LITERALLY laid out a red carpet for her and had friends and family watching from the after-party spot across the street! (You the man, Shawn!)

After getting to know them even more at their engagement session, I’m practically begging to be adopted as a part of their family. Their love for life and laughter is contagious, and it’s evident that their love for those around them runs deep too. Not to mention that Rebekah’s my kind of girl being able to play sports with the guys one hour and dressing up like a princess the next—-just LOOK at how gorgeous she looks!!! And Shawn’s the exact kind of upbeat-ness that the world could use more of. Proof is in the very last image! Rebekah & Shawn their very own handshake. It’s soooooo fun to watch! 🙂

With all that said, I’m quite sure we would’ve gotten joy-filled images wherever we went for their engagement session, but we did something special. 🙂 They drove all the way from Nashville to get their engagement session photographed by ME! Me of all people! I still can’t get over that! I digress.

We started their engagement session on a football field to celebrate that it brought them into each other’s lives. Then, as the sun started getting more glowy, we headed out to historic downtown Chattanooga for some rooftop shots. I scouted hard for this location. I wanted something different than where other photographers go or where I’ve been before. I believe I found it. Is it not dreamy?! And do they not look like straight up models?!?!

I’m the luckiest photographer ever to get the chance to work with a couple like Rebekah & Shawn, not only for their engagement session, but their wedding in Nashville too! I’m excited about extending my services out to that area. Man, what a couple to kick it off with!

Rebekah & Shawn – I hope you LOVE these previews of our time together. I know I do! I can’t wait to have more fun with you very soon! Also, would it be too extra if we came up with our own handshake? 😄

PS – Thanks Cassee a million and one times again for thinking of me and sending such ideal clients my way! 🙂