Clisby Pines Event Venue: Wedding Venue Highlight

Clisby Pines Event Venue Wedding Venue Highlight by Alyssa Rachelle Photography

The elegance and opulence I love about Howe Farms wedding venues just went to a whole new level with their newest venue addition, Clisby Pines Event Venue. My style of light, airy, timeless photos has met its twin in a venue. Clisby Pines is GORGEOUS and if you love my style, you’ll love this venue even more because of the portraits I can get here!!! Read all you need to know below!!!


Remember Titanic and how iconic and upscale the center staircase was? Clisby Pines outdid even that beauty. Who knew I’d love twin staircases so much? The white-washed traditional barn hosts two jaw-dropping staircases that give the space an elegant, yet cozy vibe. The staircases themselves lead to a second story, overlooking your ceremony or reception space; imagine the photos of your wedding day, capturing an aerial view of all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle! Ugh! 

Even with the overlook into the open and airy space, Clisby Pines manages to still feel intimate.

Getting Ready

So yes, the twin staircases lead to an overlook, but they also lead to a beautiful Bridal Suite. Chandeliers and stunning natural light fill the space, making it perfect for bridal portraits. You know…the precious ones of you getting into your dress, the pajama shots with your bridesmaids, and you delicately putting on your jewelry. Clisby Pines also has made it easy to snack between hair, makeup, and getting into your dress with a catering area and mini-refrigerator. Never underestimate the importance of maintaining your blood sugar levels! (If I’m your photographer, you’ll find me reminding you to eat and drink throughout your day!)

Grooms are not forgotten as Clisby Pines has created a Groom’s Quarters for all the guys! Flat-screen TVs, a catering area, and luxe blue velvet couches fill the bright room. Having the guys on site can make a huge difference in the tone of the wedding day morning. Why? Because they’re onsite, which means you’ve already minimized the chances of them getting distracted on their way to the venue and arriving late! Ha! That’s a win in itself!

Clisby Pines Event Venue Wedding Venue Highlight by Alyssa Rachelle Photography


If the upscale barn wasn’t picturesque enough, the property boasts 65 acres, rich with woods and greenery. The way the sun filters through the trees makes for dreamy, glowy portraits. 

Since the venue grounds are so spacious too, it makes photographing larger bridal parties a breeze! A nearby stone fireplace and patio entertain guests during cocktail hour, not to mention a whole new backdrop for outdoor photos!

Your guests can also park right by the venue. I know this seems like a small detail, but it helps SO much when guests know exactly where to go! This means things are more likely to run on time and minimize guests becoming frazzled. Not to mention, they appreciate not having to walk in the direct sun for a distance after having gotten all beautified for you!

Howe Farms continues to outdo itself with timeless venues. Clisby Pines is no exception. If you’re still looking for a venue for your wedding day, make a trip to Clisby Pines Event Venue and watch yourself fall in love all over again!

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