Engagement Photo Outfits for Summer

Engagement Photo Outfits for Summer by chattanooga wedding photographer alyssa rachelle photography

The number one question always asked by couples is “What do I wear for engagement photos?” If you are like them and at a loss for what to wear for your engagement photo outfits for summer, I got you! Here are some of my recommendations as a portrait photographer. 

I have written a lot about what I love to see my couples in for their engagement photos, but with summer upon us, here are some reminders and new tips about handling outdoor sessions in the heat (and humidity)!

Color Considerations

It might be tempting to break out fun summer colors and patterns like coral and floral prints, but certain colors and patterns should be saved for the summer BBQ, rather than your engagement photos.

For both guys and gals, I say stick with neutrals or soft pinks and blues. These colors do not take away from the fact that it is summer. They photograph very well and often in summer, we can find more colorful backdrops for photos so neutrals and a soft muted palette stand out in the best way.

If you are opting for whites, consider blending a variety of whites that complement one another. Even if the whites are similar but fabric choices are different, like a linen shirt for him and a cotton dress for you, this type of fabric and textural difference creates a subtlety that the camera just loves!

Clothing Types

I know, summer sundresses are typically above the knee and just so cute. I still would encourage ladies to opt for longer flowy maxi sundresses for photos. These types of dresses create length and dimension in your photographs and bring a level of sophistication you can’t replicate with short dresses. For ladies, shoes are an important consideration too in summer. Strappy sandals may be cute, but not always great for pictures. Simple shoes keep the focus off of your feet and onto your faces which is exactly what we want!

Casual summer vibes from guys can be pretty easy to achieve! Opting for a linen pant and shirt in complementing shades can go a long way in looking formal, without being overdone. Linen is one of my favorite summer fabrics for keeping cool, looking polished, but also like it is in fact summer! For shoes for guys, unless the boat shoes are clean, leave them on the boat 🙂 Otherwise, guys look great in cognac loafers, boat shoes, and any closed-toe shoe that can be rocked without a sock! 

The Final Touches

The same rules apply to engagement photos at any other time of year. Skip the spray tan – let your summer glow speak for itself! Plus during golden hour, you are more than likely going to get a gorgeous natural flush that would look too heavy on camera if there were a spray tan underneath.

Again, summer may yell “paint your nails hot pink,” but that can really distract your photos and we want all the attention on your faces or your ring. Hot pink summer nails should be skipped in favor of a neutral light pink or white until after you take engagement photos!

Small hairs and other little skin issues show up much more in the bright summer sun, even during golden hour. Skip the picking and poking until after the shoot. Or at least complete all skin prep a few days before your photographs! This ensures even lovely skin in your photos.

If you are embracing the summer sun for your engagement photos, I am there with you! It is truly a beautiful time of year to photograph, but remember, neutrals are still best for your photos! I hope this helps you when choosing your engagement photo outfits for Summer!

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