A Session for High School Sweethearts

high school sweethearts

A Session for High School Sweethearts at Historic Church in Downtown Chattanooga | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

They were high school sweethearts. He was her first date and first kiss, and now they’re engaged! How much cuter could Haley & Blaine’s love story get?! Actually, it’ll get even more cute after their elopement in Alaska in May! Anyone else feeling some major envy?! I know I am! These two have been such a joy to get to know!

Back in January, I was blessed to get to know about Haley when she was on site doing one of her many jobs, hair and make-up. (According to Blaine, she has exactly 42, ha!) We both were participating in a styled shoot. I didn’t get to meet Haley then, but the make-up on the models photographed SO WELL, and the models spoke highly of her, that I knew I needed to meet her at some point.

Fast forward to June, and I was a second shooter at a wedding at Covey Creek Farm. I started photographing the Bride and looked down at my screen to review the first couple images. I noticed that her make-up was applied in a way that was perfect for the camera! It made for such gorgeous images for her! (Most people don’t know that make-up needs to be done differently when you’re being photographed! I didn’t realize it either until I got in this industry!) I immediately asked the Bride who did her make-up, and what do you know?! It was Haley! I was SO disappointed that I missed seeing her!

Since January, I have been following Haley on social media and learning more about her as a person. If you can believe it, she’s even more beautiful on the inside than she is outside, which is pretty dang gorgeous!!! (Total fan girl over here!) Haley has also done her fair share of modeling. So, I figured instead of waiting for another wedding that we BOTH happened to get hired for, I practically begged to photograph her.  This historic church in Downtown Chattanooga helped us capture gorgeous images and the complemented Haley & Blaine’s high school love story! 🙂

Gah, I could keep going on and on about Haley & Blaine. They’re some really talented, kind people. I’m so lucky to have had them in front of my camera. I hope you two enjoy these previews of our time together! 🙂 I had tons of fun and would love to do it ANY time you wanted, because I could never pass you two up!