How To Handle Opinions About Your Wedding

Wedding planning usually draws out opinions and personalities. The good, the bad, and the stanky will come your way – welcomed or unwelcomed. So, before you start wedding planning, let’s talk for a sec about how to handle opinions about your wedding. Because, oh boy, we wish we had!

Have a plan

Be preemptive! Wedding planning is a great opportunity for you and your fiancé to practice having open discussion. It’s important that you both are united regarding how you’re going to handle challenging dynamics with loved ones. Remember, you’re each other’s future.

Give yourselves permission to say, “no”

You’ve been dreaming about your Big Day since you were a little girl. But, you probably weren’t the only one. Your loved ones may have their own dreams too. We’re people pleasers to a fault. So, if you’re anything like us, saying “no” feels like you’re telling someone you don’t love them anymore (so not true!). Nothing’s wrong with listening, considering, and being honest about your desires. You may want to consider sharing with your loved ones upfront that you’ll listen, but will decide based upon what suits you and your fiancé.

Delegate Smartly

We highly suggest delegating tasks to your bridal party and loved ones, but do it smartly! You know your loved ones well. It may be helpful to keep their minds busy with tasks you believe their personality best fits. That way you (or someone else) can focus on the tasks you don’t want them involved in, and they’re still helping in a meaningful way. It’s a win-win!

A Wedding Planner’s your best friend

At some point in wedding planning, everyone could use a middle man or mediator. Your wedding planner is just that! They can help your loved ones navigate tasks and find compromise when needed. We’ve also heard that when a couple hired a wedding planner, the loved ones minimized their involvement, because they knew an expert was involved. Problem solved!

Several of our suggestions require may require you and your fiancé having some hard conversations. Those are never easy. We don’t handle hard conversations perfectly, but we do have some suggestions on how you can have them and grow during your engagement.

We’re excited to be on your wedding planning journey with you. On some days, it’ll feel like a sprint, and on others a marathon. Either way, we’ll be alongside cheering you on! We hope you found this post helpful & feel more prepared on how to handle opinions about your wedding!