Valentine Themed Photoshoot

If you know me, you know that I love any excuse to get festive. I LOVE what Katelyn Dennis Designs stylized for this Valentine Themed Photoshoot! It was perfect for siblings, BFFs, kid and their favorite lovey/stuffed animal, and more. I’m so glad we could share it with the Gooch family for their mini session!

The Gooch family is full of life. Maddi, Megan, Mason, and Michael (ages 2-10) keep June & Scott on their toes. Somehow they were dressed well, calm, and ready to smile. I’m sure that was a feat, but they made it look like a breeze! I feel so frazzled with just one toddler! Lots of props to them! 🙂

Not only are they rocking parenting, Scott runs his own business doing all things handiwork and real estate. June raved about how proud she is of him, how high-quality his work is, and how much of an amazing Dad he is. It was so sweet! It’s so refreshing to hear about a marriage that works as a team, and a Dad that owns an active role in the family. Families like theirs are so blessed! Ugh, I love, LOVE! Gets me giddy.

I could keep going on about how sweet the kids were, how Maddi’s ended up playing with Beckett at the playground after the session and will probably be a future babysitter for us, how Michael would do anything for chocolate, how Megan was so patient during the session even though she apparently had to “go potty BAD!” and how Mason instantly made a friend at the playground after the session because he’s so friendly, but I’ll get to the most adorable stuff. Here are some previews of our time together during the Gooch Valentine themed photoshoot. 🙂

June & Scott, I hope you love these! I know they bring a smile to my face! 🙂