Our Wisteria Family Self-Portraits

I’ve looked forward to Spring 2020 for so many reasons, but by far, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the flowering trees to bloom for portrait sessions! I found my favorite spots a year ago. Since then, my calendar has been marked with reminders. I was very bummed when the coronavirus began happening, because I knew that it’d likely become impossible to hold spring sessions. Sure enough. Fortunately, we were able to capture some spring family self-portraits. You won’t believe the variety of portraits we captured in ONE TINY spot of wisteria next to something incredibly ugly (keep scrolling to the end to see!). Power of a photographer’s eye!

With all my sessions rescheduled for another season, I wanted to at least capture my little family with some of the gorgeous spring blooms. We were about ready when a friend told me that the Governor was about to share his Safer at Home Mandate. So, we set out. When we arrived, I realized that I forgot two critical key things needed to take self-portraits—the tripod mount and the correct cord to connect the tethering system. At this point, I start believing the the entire universe was against me photographing with a flowering tree!

Still determined to enjoy our time out of the house, we captured as much of us with Beckett as we could, and Jimmy photographed some personal branding portraits of me to use for business purposes. (I’m so lucky he’s skilled enough to do that!) Be warned though, there’s lots of close-ups of the wisteria blooms! My love for photography started with macro (close-up) photography of plants! These blooms begged to be the main subject.

Also, I made sure to include reality of photographing with an active toddler for all the parents out there. Keep scrolling to the bottom to commiserate, ha! It’s incredibly humbling photographing with a toddler IN FRONT of the camera instead of capturing someone else’s, ha! It’s especially hard when doing family self-portraits! Guys, I thought I understood the stress before, but now…I ACTUALLY get it. 🙂