Andi’s Springtime Farm Limited Edition Session

For several years now I’ve been begging my former NICU colleague Chris Varnell to have calf on his family farm that we could use to photograph kids with. Finally, a calf named Neptune helped make my dreams come true!!! When I saw that he was born, I couldn’t get a hold of Chris fast enough to arrange a time for a quick farm mini session of Andi and Beckett. (This post is just of Andi for her family to enjoy!)

Neptune made my job easy. He’s a bottle-fed Brahman calf, which adds to his innate chill demeanor. The Brahmans are coveted cattle for many reasons, but I can’t help but only focus on their floppy ears, large humps on the top of their shoulders and necks, and the loose skin that dangles under their necks. Their calves are so cuddle-able!

Not only did I get to photograph Andi with Neptune, but Chris brought out a miniature pony named Bella too! I felt like a kid walking into a candy shop. Andi handled Bella so well, guiding and riding her with ease. She’s a true farm girl! I’d pay money to bet that she was wondering why this grown woman was so excited about the animals she gets to see every day, ha!

I’m IN LOVE with how the images came out. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to re-open my business post-COVID-19 shutdown! I would’ve loved to host an afternoon of  mini sessions with Neptune, but with COVID-19 precautions still strongly encouraged, I decided it wouldn’t be the safest for me or my clients. I’m really praying this happens every year…ahem, Chris! 🙂

Thanks Chris & Chelsea for spending with us and letting us have fun capturing a springtime farm mini session! We’ve been talking about it ever since! Really! It was a joy. I hope these previews of Andi give you some of the same joy too!

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