Angelica’s Senior Session

It’s that time of year to celebrate Seniors of 2020! I can’t believe it! I began this season photographing Angelica and couldn’t have asked to have more fun. 🙂

Angelica is so talented and just a LITTLE smart…okay, super smart. She told me her declared college major, but I think I only heard two words out of a four-word degree name—biochemistry. I did say she’s smart, right? She’s shooting for MIT and seems to have been strategic with how she’s used her time in high school to set herself up for college success!

Angelica is super cool outside of academics too! She’s in taekwondo. A big Star Wars fan. Easy to talk to. And totally didn’t need my help with posing during his Senior Session. She was SO coachable and easy to work with. She said she’s only taken pictures on a cruise, but I think she’s hiding a secret.

Though this was a Senior Session for Angelica, we also spent some session time to capture Angelica with family—the people who have been her cheerleaders from Day One. 🙂 I truly fell in love with the Ramirez family. Their warmth, inside jokes, and connection to each other reminded me of some of my family relationships and reminded me of home.

Thank you for a great time, Angelica & Ramirez family. I’m so excited to share these previews with you! And in the words of Angelica, “Have a great life!” (Family inside joke, ha!) 🙂