Beckett’s One!

August 18-September 17th (11th-going-on-12th month)

My baby’s a year old. How. The days leading up to his First Birthday (September 18th), I was emotional. I didn’t expect that. Pregnancy seems to have made me a bit more unemotional, but the teary eyes happened more than once. Why did his First Birthday feel so bittersweet and why did I have this sinking feeling whenever I thought about it? Will someone please help me understand my emotions? Thanks in advance, ha!

I feel like I should write a really epic, reflective blog post about Beckett’s first year of life. He deserves that right? But honestly, I have monthly blog posts over the last year, and I really just want to enjoy some face-to-face time with my little family. I think Beckett might value that a bit more 🙂 Though I can’t resist sharing some highlights from his 11th-going-on 12th month of life:

  • We joined the YMCA. First time in public childcare. It went really well!
  • Continued to LOVE dancing to music, especially pop and folk music, and have become much more animated when I do it.
  • Started emphatically shaking head no and head banging.
  • Grew to like books even more! I’ve been known to sit in my chair and “read” for at least 15 minutes! I’ll even cross my ankles in contentment.
  • Started helping Mommy “dust” with the Swiffer and a cloth. I also “dry” dishes that come out of the dishwasher. I already knew how to clean the table with a paper towel, but now I’m just extending my capabilities 🙂
  • I’ve started to lay on my belly to look under furniture. Mommy thinks it’s super cute.
  • Had my first GI virus that lasted 3.5 weeks!
  • Started going “ah” after taking sips of water.
  • Enjoys all-things-water, including being splashed in the tub and putting my head underneath the running faucet!
  • I’ve started using things around the house, like boxes and books, to help me get what I want on top of things by stacking them. Sometimes this even includes Mommy’s shoulders. She doesn’t seem to like that too much.
  • Started walking between Mommy & Daddy.
  • Discovered that I love slides!
  • Really enjoy putting food, toys, and toothbrushes in Mommy’s mouth.
  • I’ve become cuddlier.
  • Discovered I like to draw.
  • Became VERY interested in trying to plug cords in and putting things back where they belong.


We hope you love these captures of Beckett celebrating his First Birthday!

Unedited, Favorite iPhone Photos of My 11th-Going-On 12th Month: