Beckett’s First Birthday Party

Somehow our Beckett’s officially a one-year-old! His birthday party was such a special time. ALL of my mom’s side of the family was present, even including one of Beckett’s second cousins! Many of our friends and their littles made it to the party too. Unfortunately, my Dad and his side of the family weren’t able to be present, and we weren’t able to video chat with Dad during the party as planned. I’m thankful for the ability to capture images of the day to share with them and you!

I photographed the details of the party, and my friend, Annette Heck, generously captured candids so that we could fully enjoy the day with our little man and loved ones. She did AMAZING considering she had two littles of her own to wrangle! 🙂 What a gift that was! Of course, there are cell phone captures that are just too precious not to share too (if you have some, please send them to me!!!). Keep scrolling to see the photos from our “One Happy Camper’s” birthday day! 🙂 (It gets more detailed from here for the loved ones who weren’t present.)

I really enjoy event planning and decorating, so Beckett’s birthday party couldn’t come soon enough…well, sorta, I was shocked at how bittersweet it felt! My little baby is SO BIG! How?! Anyways, the party was camping-themed, which demanded bluegrass ambient music. I handmade as much as I could (money-saver here!). I’m most proud of his highchair banner that I made. Make sure to check it out in the pictures! I also came up with some funny names for some of the food we provided:

  • Hot dogs (no cool name for these guys, whoops!)
  • Firewood – taquitos
  • Squirrel food – corn on the cob
  • Bear Poop – chocolate chips (this name seemed to be especially popular amongst the older kids, ha!)
  • Wild Animals – animal crackers
  • Twigs – pretzels
  • Wild Berries – strawberries and blueberries
  • Campfire Flames – Cheeto puffs
  • Water and lemonade (no cool names, sorry!)


As a new mom, I’m learning how important delegation is. So, I delegated the outdoor activities to my mom and stepdad. The outdoor activities were a hit! They did such a great job! We made cardboard signs for each activity. Here’s some of the activities we had:

  • Creek Crawling – Slip ‘n Slide
  • Fishing Pond – kiddie pool with magnetic fishing poles and fish
  • Campsite – tent with a crawling tunnel
  • Pond – water table
  • Swing
  • Bubbles
  • and the famous cake smash!


Beckett’s cake smash was entertaining! I bought him a vegan, 8-inch cake from Earth Fare. As soon as the cake was placed in front of him, he dug his famous pointer finger in. Almost every bit after that was fist-fulls 🙂 He ended up eating about half of it! His world’s forever changed! We’re hoping he doesn’t ask for sweet from now on, ha! Everyone else had delicious Italian Crème, Chocolate, and Vanilla cupcakes from Piece of Cake Bakery. I’m thankful I kept a few hidden in the fridge for Jimmy and me, because they were gone FAST!

As the party favor, we provided a Make-Your-Own Trail Mix Bar with goldfish, pretzels, chocolate chips, craisins, peanuts, and marshmallows. Each bag was sealed with a “Thank You” sticker. There was quite a bit of bags left, but no food left in the tin cans, so I think we had some sneaky ones attend the party, haha! 🙂

Thank you to each of you who have blessed our lives with your friendship over this last year. Having some of you at Beckett’s party was so special. Beckett was also blessed with many, many thoughtful gifts. Many came without name tags, and then I got so overwhelmed by all-things-partying, so I’ve completely lost track of what came from who. I want to make sure you know though how much we appreciate your generosity and love. <3

I also want to say a special thank you again to Annette Heck who photographed the candids. My friend, Katelyn, also helped me create vinyl stickers for the food labels, Beckett’s “One Happy Camper” onsie, and the card stock “1” for his highchair banner. 🙂