Best of 2018

2018 was a HUGE year for me! It was the year of all-things-Beckett James and rebranding. Here’s a really quick recap of my year:

  • I started the year finding out that I was pregnant with Becks (shameless mommy plug for you to visit his latest blog post!).
  • Shot the entire year’s sessions pregnant! This was quite challenging when I had to hike to locations and shoot in the Summer heat nine months pregnant!!!
  • Rebranded to Alyssa Rachelle Photography – woohoo! This also meant that I needed to design a logo, website, and blog site. I learned a TON doing this on my own. Not a techy girl here, folks! I’m so proud of it! Check out these posts if you aren’t already in the know about this: New Name & LogoWebsite Launch, and Blog Site Launch.
  • I ended my year on maternity leave (but not really, because I’m here blogging, working social media marketing, and planning 2019, ha!). I just can’t get enough of YOU! 🙂


God had big lessons and big blessings for me in 2018. I’m already on my toes and praying for what He has in store for me in 2019. I have big dreams for Alyssa Rachelle Photography in 2019! I also have new challenges, like figuring out how to work from home when I’m the primary caregiver of an infant (tips are welcome, ha!).

I also want to take a moment just to share my gratitude. Not for the blessing of my handsome little man, Becks, (trust me, that post is coming again soon), but my gratitude for YOU. Thank you! Thanks for following my journey and helping make my dreams happen! You’re the greatest. The jingle in my bells.


-Alyssa Rachelle

P.S. Here are a few of my favorites from this year <3