Best of 2020

I don’t even need to say it—2020 was been wild. Thanks, COVID-19. But, MY SMALL BUSINESS THRIVED the COVID-19 PANDEMIC! …I actually had my best year in business yet!!!


I owe a lot of thanks to many legal resources, prior financial planning, and mentors who helped me pivot my business strategies. Because of them, and God’s mercy, I was able to:

  • Increased portrait bookings by three times during 2020.
  • Increased wedding bookings for 2021 by four times by the end of 2020.
  • I’ve scaled my business and hired a virtual assistant, private editor, part-time childcare, and an assistant for mini session days as independent contractors this year!
  • Was hired as a full-time second shooter for a Knoxville-based wedding photographer with 10+ years of experience.
  • Officially completed my lens, lighting, and styling collections for wedding days. HOORAY!
  • Re-designed my website to reflect my focus on weddings and provide my clients with an engaging, resourceful experience.
  • Went full-frame! (Technical talk, but a big deal! If you know, you know!)


I also want to take a moment just to share my gratitude for YOU—the kind soul who’s still reading about my journey in business. You’re the greatest. The jingle in my bells as I closed out 2020.

Celebrating 2020 by sharing some of my favorite captures. I noticed that my favorite ones are filled with genuine joy and BIG smiles. So, don’t hire me if you want your images to look editorial and like you could model for Vogue! 😉

Can’t wait to do 2021 with someone like you!