Addie’s Senior Session

I first photographed Addie when she was a Freshman. Today, we celebrated that she’s graduating high school in just a few short months! Whaaa??!!! How has time flown that fast?!

Addie’s senior year hasn’t looked normal (thanks, COVID-19). But, despite all the events and traditions she’s missed out on, Addie’s made the most of it! I mean just look at these previews of her senior session, and you’ll see she’s ending her high school career all smiles. During her session, she shared how she chose not to do volleyball during her last year because she needed more balance in her life. I’m sure this wasn’t an easy decision, because from what I know, this girl loves that game! But I wish I was Addie when I was in high school. I wish I made more choices to respect my limitations and take care of myself. So proud of you, Addie!

Mississippi is soooo lucky to have you, Addie! Not everyone allows hard choices and disappointing experiences to strengthen and mature them like you have. You’ve grown in ways that some adults have yet to do! I have no doubt that you’re going to rock this college thing! I can’t wait to hear about it!!!! I hope you love these previews of our cold, rainy, but super fun time together haha:)