Bibb Front Porch Session

During the pandemic, Little House on the Market and I partnered to giveaway a front porch session to a special family. The idea of a front porch session is the cutest and a unique way to remember this crazy season! Kayla Bibb entered her family and won! I’m so glad she did, because I’ve been dying to meet her and her family in person for a least a year now!

We “met” through social media. I can’t recall if it was through someone, a group, or just happenstance. Either way, isn’t it cool how social media can bring people together?! Through her profile I learned that she is a fellow social worker. At the time, she was going to have a son about a year younger than Beckett! Once her son Jude was born, I got even more hooked on following her family. I mean just look at how cute Jude is!

Isn’t it refreshing when social media functions as a social NETWORKING platform and NOT a place for judgement, comparison, and other unhealthy habits?! I only spent about 10 minutes with the Bibb family for their front porch session, but I’m quite confident that I’ve made some really great friends! It’s always nice to know another boy mom, not to mention one that can talk social work too!

Bibb family, I hope this little session brings you joy when you look back at this season of your lives (and the world). You were so fun to get to know. I really do hope we see each other again really soon for a play date! And for a full session too!

Little House on the Market, thanks for reaching out to collaborate with me. I’m so excited about what you’re doing in the realty world! 🙂