Blackberry Ridge’s Grand Opening Event

Possibly an unpopular opinion: Chattanooga has been overdue for a wedding venue that’s not a barn! Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s happened!

Jackie and her husband, Stephen, bought this land when it was a golf course and turned it into a dream venue, Blackberry Ridge…in SEVEN MONTHS! Is that not impressive?! Not only that, but they booked OVER 40 COUPLES before officially being in business too! Is your jaw on the floor yet?

When Jackie asked if I’d be their official photographer for their Grand Opening Event, I thought I was going to squeal so loud that my neighbors would hear me! Obviously, I was so excited and honored to be asked that, but I was also genuinely thrilled that their dream was coming to fruition…and so well! Not many people can execute like Jackie & Stephen!

Several other vendors participated in the Grand Opening Event so that attendees could see how the venue could look and be used for an event. The elegant, wistful aesthetic was dreamy, and the air was filled with the inviting aroma of espresso (thanks, Comet Bar Cart!).

I was not alone in noticing that the event was well-attended. Every vendor I talked with noticed it too! Almost 10 new couples booked Blackberry Ridge for their Big Day! Not to mention, one couple won the drawing for a free venue rental for their wedding AND another couple won 50% off! WOWZERS!

With over 260 acres to work with, Jackie & Stephen have even more planned for the venue. It’s bound to be gorgeous and just what the Chattanooga area needs more of!

SHAMELESS PLUG: click here to see Blackberry Ridge’s venue feature on my blog to see pictures of the venue and more about its aesthetic!

I’m so proud that Chattanooga has a venue like this with its unique European-inspired aesthetic and easily usable indoor AND outdoor spaces. But I’m even more proud of Jackie & Stephen! Congrats guys and thanks for trusting us to capture such a milestone for you!


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