Chattanooga Photographer: Why Booking Early is Super Important

Why Booking Your Chattanooga Photographer Early is Super Important by alyssa rachelle photography

Wedding photographers are usually booked early on in the wedding planning process. But this year, other post-pandemic dynamics are adding onto how quickly dates in 2021 and following years are being booked. Keep reading to learn why you should book your Chattanooga photographer super early.

Anticipated Wedding Boom

The pandemic has affected the wedding industry this last year, the experts are predicting that the because of lifted restrictions and COVID-19 vaccinations, the coming years will cover this loss with a literal “wedding boom.” The resurgence of weddings, including those cancelled, postponed, and planned during the pandemic, may make it difficult for couples to book their favorite, and best, wedding vendors.

Chattanooga photographers still have the same number of weekends to work with during the upcoming calendar years, but wedding vendors are getting more inquiries than ever! 2020’s couples filled 2021 quite fast, and the same is already starting to happen for 2022 and 2023! That’s why I’m encouraging you to book your wedding vendors, including your Chattanooga photographer, as soon as possible!

Wedding Photographers’ Book Six-Months-to-a-Year Out!

Apart from the fact that the wedding industry is booming, professional wedding photographers get booked quickly. Generally, photographers book six-months-to-a-year in advance! I’m already seeing this timeframe beginning to extend because of the boom!

So, once you have your date secured, start doing your research right away and reach out to vendors, including wedding photographers! Once you get the information you need, be ready to make a decision FAST!

Engagement Session in a Completely Different Season

Booking a professional wedding photographer months in advance provides time to have your engagement session at a completely different season than your wedding! This gives you variety in aesthetics. Not to mention, it provides your wedding photographer time to send your final gallery to you so that you can use for your Save the Dates! How fun! By doing it at least three months before your wedding, it also helps you minimize wedding planning stress. This directly effects how much you ENJOY your engagement session.

Optimizes Planning Time

Booking a Chattanooga photographer early allows you to communicate several times before your wedding day regarding your wedding day timeline, expectations, dynamics, needs, etc. An experienced wedding photographer will be able to help you build a timeline that maximizes your coverage time with them. Building timelines is difficult to do without time to communicate well! From experience, I promise you won’t want to be doing this during the high-stress weeks that happen just before your wedding day!

If you have not hired a Chattanooga photographer yet and are searching for someone who loves building authentic relationships and capturing moments of genuine joy, then please reach out!

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