5 Reasons to Hire a Chattanooga Wedding Planner

5 REASONS TO HIRE A CHATTANOOGA WEDDING PLANNER by alyssa rachelle photography

Wondering why you need to hire a Chattanooga wedding planner? Aside from the obvious that they are experts in their field and will make your wedding planning and day-of smoother, here are my top five reasons why you should hire one!

Unbiased Sounding Board

As a bride, your mind is probably swirling with ideas, visions, and Pinterest boards. When I was a bride and shared my visions with loved ones, I quickly realized that they had their OWN visions of what MY wedding day would look like. Yikes! It didn’t take me long to become quiet and reserved when the topic came up with others, which felt really unexciting.

I learned the value of having an unbiased sounding board like a wedding planner. Instead of forcing their views, they carefully listen and take in those Pinterest pins you’ve been gathering for what feels like forever. Then, they work to protect and preserve the execution of your vision.

Maximize Your Vendor Investments

Okay, so you have invested all this money for high-end vendors, and like anyone, you want to get your investment’s worth. Problem is, you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to making sure you are maximizing the time your vendor is spending with you, like your wedding photographer coverage time.

A good Chattanooga wedding planner will know how to support each vendor so that they’re able to do their job well and keep your wedding day timeline running as planned. This makes a HUGE difference for me as a wedding photographer, because it helps ensure that I’ll have a chance to capture every detail and section of your day. If I can do that, your final gallery will tell the full story of your gorgeous wedding day.

Handle Drama

Weddings are high-stress, high-pressure events for everyone involved. Unfortunately, they tend to bring some uncomfortable dynamics and situations. Your family would be the exception if this didn’t happen to you! Let’s be honest though, you already have so much going on—maybe things like graduating, moving, new jobs, etc. on top of wedding planning!

That’s when an experienced wedding planner can come in. They expect this to happen and will be ready to help you navigate these dynamics, conversations, and situations. They’re able to remain objective while working to preserve your vision, values, and expectations of your wedding day.

Keep You on Budget

If you’re planning a wedding without a wedding planner, then be ready to extend your budget. Sounds backwards? I know. Yes, you’re allotting some of your budget for a wedding planner, but you may actually end up saving yourself money. Wedding planners understand the market and are networked with other vendors. A person with no background in wedding planning can make costly and wrong decisions.

They Take Command the Day Of

If you can hire them for both, your wedding planner can be your planner AND your day-of coordinator. (In case you didn’t know, they’re different roles!) On your wedding day, you should be in the moment and only thinking about your fiancé and the life you’re about to spend together, NOT figuring out how to accommodate your second cousin’s gluten-free diet restrictions or escorting the baker to the cake table when they arrive. Hire a wedding planner to take command the day of!

Though I know it means using some of your budget, hiring a Chattanooga wedding planner means you can minimize stress and maximize your budget…maybe even save yourself money too! If you haven’t hired one yet, and need some direction, I have several referrals. Send me a message for them! 🙂


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