Why I Became a Chattanooga Photographer and Why I Love It

I pour my heart into my clients and my business and it has been my greatest pleasure being a Chattanooga photographer. I have been serving couples and families for several years but I didn’t always think this was my path!

why i became a chattanooga photographer and why i love it by alyssa rachelle photography

Sure, I have carried a camera with me ever since I was little, but I was on an entirely different path in 2015. I was pursuing a career in social work so in some ways, serving families has always been on my heart, but I never saw this coming! I am originally from Florida and settling in Chattanooga was not the plan, but the mountains have kept me here. My first date with my second-shooter husband was in the Great Smoky Mountains, so I had a couple of great views to fall in love with 🙂. See what I did there?

We have built a home and a life here and a few of my absolute favorite things about being a Chattanooga photographer here are below!

Mountain Views

Chattanooga has incredible mountains and valleys. There are almost too many to count and I find myself photographing at new locations all the time. Depending on the time of year, the golden hour reads differently in photos depending on if you are tucked against a hillside, in the valley, or on top of a mountain. Some areas have better foliage than others so whether you are dreaming of a lush green background in spring and summer or a backdrop of fiery oranges and reds in late October, you absolutely can’t beat the mountains here!

Engagement Photo Locations

I never run out of amazing places to take couples’ engagement photos. Downtown Chattanooga has bridges and buildings that range from industrial to modern. You have your pick when it comes to how you want to style your engagement photos and I love when couples opt for multiple outfit changes with very different backdrops all within steps of each other. 

Chattanooga Wedding Venues

As a wedding photographer, my heart has a natural bend toward stunning wedding venues. Chattanooga has no shortage of venues to choose from for any type of bride. I feature many of these incredible venues on my blog so definitely poke around! 

Because Chattanooga is in Southeast Tennessee, you will be sure to find many barn venues. Some of these barns are more rustic, still with horse stalls and tucked away in beautiful forests. Other barn venues are newer and more modern with chandeliers and gorgeous wooden beams to still bring in a slightly rustic charm.

The amount of venues though that are taking root with the mountain as their backdrop with full floor-to-ceiling glass windows and SO much natural light, I am so giddy when I find out brides book at these locations. These venues are typically more modern and feature multiple indoor/outdoor areas, lovely patios with bistro-lights for cocktail hour, and dedicated photo opp locations on site because they built their venue simply for the views.

Another type of venue in the Chattanooga area that I just love are the old churches and chapels. They make me imagine what it would have been like to be a photographer when cameras were still on film and in black and white. There is so much history and romance in these venues and they make for jaw-dropping photos!

Chattanooga is not just home, it is actually becoming quite the wedding destination for its distinctive southern charm, variety of styles, and central location in the East Coast. It has evolved since I started photographing weddings and families years ago, but I love how it is taking shape and allowing me to grow my craft to serve even more people!

If you are in the market for a family session or event by a Chattanooga photographer, I would LOVE to talk soon!

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