Chester Frost Family Photos

It was such a treasure for me to photograph the May & Miles family at Chester Frost! I met Stacey when I was working in the Neonatal ICU. She’s a talented pediatric physical therapist! During one of the times that I shadowed her for fun, she taught me how to safely change a diaper on a less than three pound baby with fragile bones and a hurt hip. She made it look easy, but it’s not…and I was still terrified to change my 7.5-pound firstborn’s diaper, ha! Definitely note for a lack of her brilliant teaching though.

The Miles girls were my FIRST paid session in 2016! I owe a lot of credit to Stacey for helping Alyssa Rachelle Photography take off. She was my cheerleader and raved about me to our coworkers. This year Stacey reached out to me to photograph her immediate and some extended family as a birthday gift for her mother, Mrs. May. Their biggest goal was to get a great picture of the kids for over the Mays fireplace, then we focused on different pairings and family sets. Stacey hadn’t mentioned pictures of just her and her husband Robbie or just of her parents, but I HAD to snap a few because they’re special too. 🙂

I had a blast photographing everyone. The Mays welcomed me calling them Grams & Grumps like the kids did. Grams shared with me that “Grams” came from her background as a Chemistry teacher since she measured things in grams. Isn’t the just too cute?! You’d think that you could guess why Grumps earned his name, but I only know him as a hilarious man. 🙂 I also learned that it’ll be Grams & Grumps 50th wedding anniversary in the Summer of 2020. So, I’m extra thrilled to have captured some sweet moments of just them.

Here are some previews from our fun-filled time in GORGEOUS fall weather at Chester Frost! I hope you love them, May & Miles families! <3