Chilhowee Overlook Engagement Session

What better way to celebrate two, SWEET country folks being engaged than doing their engagement session at the Chilhowee Overlook?! Better than that, it’s where Alllie & Arrie spent nearly every weekend together in high school! I can totally see why.

The Chilhowee Overlook is along a 7-mile scenic road the winds up a mountain to the Chilhowee Recreation Area. There are three panoramic overlooks of the Appalachian mountains in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, and beautiful Parksville Lake and Ocoee River along the way. It’s is awe-inspiring and so peaceful. Bonus point for sessions—there’s no hiking involved! Unless of course you want it, than the Ocoee and Benton, TN area have trails in droves!

There’s really very little out in the Eastern part of the United States more pretty than a Southeast Tennessee mountain view, especially the Chilhowee Overlook. But I have to say…adding Allie & Arrie to the scene really took it up a level, because the chemistry between these two is palpable.

They’re high school sweethearts. During one of Allie’s early high school years, Arrie approached Allie trying to get her phone number for HIS FRIEND. Allie shut that idea down and told Arrie that she actually wanted Arrie’s number!!! I’m not quite sure what Arrie’s immediate response was, but through high school graduations, raising puppies, nursing school, night shift jobs, and now wedding planning, the rest has become history. Their love has been deepening ever since, and it’s sweet story to be a small part of.

Our time together for their Chilhowee Overlook engagement session was gorgeous. We started out with pictures on top of a large boulder. Allie had no hesitation about climbing it in her heels. I love girl friends like that!!! Arrie was up for anything too. What a champ! He had no problem loving on his girl, and she knew just the way to get him to smile. I loved watching their dynamic through my lens. 🙂 As the sun was setting, we worked our way up to another overlook.

The sunset view at the Chilhowee Overlook is DREAMY!!! The sky turned into cotton-candy colors. A cool breeze started up. I was in photographer heaven! Apparently, everyone else and their mothers had the idea to see the sunset there too, so we had to get creative with the small amount of wall we could use, ha! I don’t think we could’ve made it turn out any more gorgeous than it did! What do you think? Keep scrolling!

Allie & Arrie, now having met you two, you both are even more special to me. Thank you for entrusting me to capture this season of your life at such a sacred place for you…and soon your wedding day!!! Eek! I hope you enjoy these previews as much as I am!!! 🙂