Construction Site Photoshoot

Since I met the Wagner family, Max’s sweet nature and gorgeous blue eyes had me itching to photograph him. I’m so excited that it finally happened! What a fun way to celebrate his second birthday with a construction site photoshoot!

Jennifer coordinated a spectacular construction-themed party where Max was gifted a CAT V6 Quad ride. So, Jennifer really wanted to take some pictures on a construction site where he could ride his new gift for the first time and also get a few family shots. At first, I was a bit nervous about the request, because I thought it could be challenging to find a legit, safe construction site that was also beautiful for family photos. It dawned on me that my neighborhood has freshly cleared land, and that we still have some pretty greenery and woods left! SCORE!

I’m really pleased with how the photos turned out! The construction site was perfect for Max to ride his CAT V6, and the trackhoe and bulldozer (don’t know if I’m right about the name, ha!) were placed perfectly to get some shots of Max inside them! I also don’t think you’d be able to tell that the family shots were about 5 feet off the road and literally right next to where a house is being built. The magic of a photographer’s eye! We can get really creative with our posing & where we choose to photograph! 😉

Jennifer & David, I showed you a peek of one of Max’s photos during the session, and you said it was already your favorite photo of Max ever, so I’m reallllyyy hoping you love the rest of these photos just as much. These are just some of my favorites. Looking forward to sending you the full gallery of Max’s construction site photoshoot soon! Love you guys! Let’s do this again soon! <3

-Alyssa Rachelle