Birthday Photos at Coolidge Carousel

For his 2nd birthday, we decided to include almost all of Jameson’s favorite things—Chattanooga’s famous Coolidge carousel, “ooo-ooo-ah-ah,” bubbles, blocks, Pout Pout Fish, “‘raffe,” a ball, and, of course, Mickey. I’m unashamed to admit that I probably had just as much fun as Jameson! It’s NO FUN for anyone when a photographer expects a kid to sit still and smile, ha! So, we kept it just how a toddler would have it—lively and on the run! 🙂

I first photographed Jameson last year for his 1st Birthday Cake Smash. That session was special, because it was his foster parents who booked the session. They wanted to make sure his 1st birthday was still well-celebrated and captured despite the unfortunate circumstances. HOW SWEET! At the time, I couldn’t share his session due to the need for confidentiality. This year’s birthday session was even more special, because Jameson was ADOPTED by those sweet foster parents!!! 573 days in foster care, but now he’s a part of a permanent, loving home. I’m just over the moon about this! 🙂

I’m excited to be able to officially share Jameson’s pictures with you without any care of foster care governances! Woohoo!!! I hope you & your family cherish these photos at Coolidge carousel for many years! Happy birthday, Jameson! It’s so cool being able to see you grow. Year #2 has great things ahead waiting for you <3