Natale & Devin’s Engagement Session in Downtown Chattanooga

natalie & devin's engagement session in downtown chattanooga with wedding photographer alyssa rachelle photography

Engagement Session in Downtown Chattanooga | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

Natalie & Devin were friends for a while time before their love deepened in new ways. They met at college during at a small group vespers and from there their friendship grew. During the Summer of 2019, Natalie went back home to Colorado for four months, and Devin had already graduated and started his pastoring job in Charolette, North Carolina. Time apart didn’t kill the spark (the one they didn’t know they had yet!). When the Fall semester brought Natalie back to the East, and they spent time together again, they realized that there might be something “forever” there. 🙂 Since then, Natalie & Devin have been rocking long-distance, and Devin didn’t stop him from popping the question in December 2020. 🙂

Devin proposed on the top of a mountain with a handmade pamphlet filled with memorable dates from their years together and a ring box that he had HANDMADE MADE IN AUSTRALIA! Like, what?! That’s what proposal dreams are made of! I only wish I could have been there to photograph it!!!

He made all of that happen despite the logistics of their long-distance is quite intense. Devin lives in Atlanta, is getting his Masters in Divinity from a school in Michigan, and still pastors in North Carolina (confused yet?!). This guy literally drives like crazy almost every weekend! Natalie’s still studying her heart out as a public relations major in Chattanooga, is working for the university, and is a co-host for a podcast called Flourish by AWL. Talk about being busy! I’m so impressed with how they make quality time together a priority!

I’ve loved getting to know Natalie & Devin. Their kindred souls, really. That was pretty obvious to me from the beginning with Natalie’s detailed, thoughtfully written inquiry. 🙂 During our consultation call, we realized that Natalie’s actually acquaintances with one of my brothers! I was already pretty confident we’d make a good fit for wedding photography, but after knowing that, and knowing my brother’s taste in friends (you’re welcome, bro, ha!), I knew it was going to be great to work with Natalie & Devin!

I’m only further affirmed after spending even more time with them during their engagement session. They were so kind, attentive, thoughtful, Christ-centered, AND A STINKIN’ BLAST! 🙂

The rain held off for us, even though it was supposed to be heavy rain for 7-days straight! I was glued to my phone watching the radar even up to the last couple hours before the session. It was such a blessing to not have to reschedule our time together for their engagement session in downtown Chattanooga, because being around them made my soul feel lighter. 🙂

Natalie & Devin – I can’t wait to spend more time with you come August! I’m already prepping myself for some happy tears of my own. I hope these previews of our time together make you feel like someone special, because you are! See you soon!