2019 Fall Limited Edition Session Previews

Fall minis this year was a blast! It was my first time offering a full hour of back-to-back 10-minute sessions. I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous! I worried about staying on time, if kids would cooperate enough within 10-mins so that I could get an adequate amount of photos, AND dodging the tens and tens of other photographers who were also catching peak Fall for their clients. Whew.

Thankfully, Jimmy and Beckett came with me (see the last picture for a precious behind the scenes!). They were both SO helpful. Jimmy greeted everyone and kept me on time, and Beckett turned out to be one of the best ways to get other kids to smile! Success!

I’m quite happy with how each family’s session time turned out! Everyone’s outfits were spot on too, which always gets me extra excited! The kids were overall very happy. I got a lot of variety. No other photographer or people showed up in my photos, ha! AND though it was a TON of work, I had a blast, reminding me how much I love what I do.

I can’t wait for Christmas minis! It’ll be my first collaboration with a professional designer who has stylized the set for me! 🙂 Until then, I hope you enjoy these previews!

I just had to share how well my little assistant named Beckett did throughout the shoots. He actually was a great way to get other kids to laugh! 🙂