Fletcher Park Cleveland TN Photo Shoot

I loved getting to celebrate Greyson turning one with a family session in Fletcher Park Cleveland TN!

I “met” Suzanne in a Facebook moms group for Chattanooga. We both realized that we were social workers, but we didn’t talk much at all, really. Several months later I had posted asking who other moms trusted for childcare, because I was ready to hire someone to watch Beckett part-time so that I can work. Suzanne left a comment and our relationship began!

We’ve got a lot in common, like our hobbies, motherhood experience, personality, values, etc. But one of the coolest thing we’ve learned is that our boys are EXACTLY one year a part! Greyson just turned one. He’s officially a big boy!!! 🙂 We weren’t able to go to each other’s birthday parties ’cause of it (total bummer!), but I don’t mind. We got to celebrate Greyson with a super fun family session in Fletcher Park Cleveland TN, which meant more one-on-one time for me with this cutie! 🙂

I’m so thankful for Facebook. Now, Suzanne watches Beckett one day a week, I have a new mom-friend, and my business gained a new AR family! We’re currently in the works to set-up a double date, which I hope happens soon, because Suzanne’s husband, Rob, is just as kind and fun as Suzanne! Our men have a lot in common too. I have a feeling this is the beginning of some great memories as the boys grow!!!

Suzanne & Rob – you’ve raised the cutest little guy. You’ve made it to a YEAR! Whoop, whoop!!! Thank you for blessing me with a fun time catching his smiles. I hope you LOVE these previews of my favorites. More to come in your full gallery soon! <3