Greenway Farms Hixson Senior Session

Tyler Layman is the epitome of a country boy. If he isn’t working, he can probably be found out on the water fishing, in the woods hunting, or on a baseball field. The light was gorgeous during his senior session at Greenway Farms Hixson. But honestly, I was more excited about spending time with him, because I was tomboy heaven! Ha! (Did I just share that?)

Tyler’s involved in all sorts of sports with Sale Creek High School and hobbies just for fun. If I’m remembering correctly, Tyler shared that he just won second place in a fishing championship last weekend! Talking with Tyler made me even more excited to be raising a boy. I kept asking his mom, Heather, how I can raise Beckett to be like Tyler. It just seems too stinkin’ fun! So, with Heather’s advice, I’m going to keep exposing Beckett to the outdoor sports, do the sports with him, and train him up to be hard working so he can fund his own hobbies like Tyler has. 🙂

Between the light, easy conversation, and Tyler’s newly discovered modeling talent, his senior session at Greenway Farms Hixson was the perfect start to my chaotic, busy Fall season after lots of travel seeing family over the last couple weeks. Tyler – I hope you love these previews! I think they’re pretty killer! 🙂 Between your country boy work ethic and talent, you’re going to go far, man!