Harrison Bay Milestone Session

Being two years old is a big deal! It’s got to be tons of fun being so curious, full of emotions, an attempting to learn how to follow instructions (but maybe not for the parents, ha!). The whole world is a grand adventure when you are two years old! But really, it’s a milestone worth celebrating, and we’re so glad we got to celebrate with Miss Charlee with a milestone session at Harrison Bay!

Charlee’s purple tulle skirt, pearls, and curls is enough to make anyone’s heart melt! But spending time with her was even more heart-melting. Seriously, one can only take so many uncoordinated twirls, giggly dashes, and tiny lollipop licks before you’re in a puddle! I mean, all toddler girls are precious, but there was just something extra sweet (and no, I don’t mean from all the lollipop sugar haha!) about getting to meet and photograph Charlee!

While Charlee was the star of the show, of course we had to include mom in some photos as well! Every momma deserves sweet professional photos with her kiddos!

P.S. Did we mention that Brandi, Charlee’s mommy, is a supermom? She’s done an amazing job raising Charlee WHILE COMPLETING PRACTITIONER SCHOOL AND WORKING!! Um. How in the world!? In awe. I am also so astonished and proud to hear all the things our clients are accomplishing! It makes my job so much more fun and meaningful when I get to learn more about my client’s lives!

We had so much fun celebrating this time in your lives, Brandi & Charlee!! We hope you enjoy these previews of our time together at Harrison Bay! We can’t wait to keep watching Charlee grow & hear about all Brandi accomplishes!