Mother and Son Photoshoot

Kelsey and Dawson are the cutest mother-son duo!! From the way Dawson wanted to hold Kelsey’s hand to how proud he was to stand next to her, it was clear how much he adores his mama. My heart just melted at the connected between these two! I mean, he even had no problem holding a forehead kiss for precisely three seconds, ha!! Hey, at least he gave her the forehead kiss!! We had so much fun and were so blessed to capture Kelsey and Dawson’s mother and son photoshoot!

There aren’t many 7-year-olds that’ll cooperate for photos like this, but occasionally they will.. especially just to simply make their mom happy. But Dawson didn’t just cooperate, he kept us giggling with jokes and wasted no time to help me carry my gear! What a little stud!! Kelsey is raising a genuine gentleman! We’ll be sure to ask for tips from her one day if we ever have a son, because we would be so blessed to have one similar to Dawson!

As we wrapped up our last few shots, Dawson shared out-of-the-blue, “This was fun!” MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! My photographer heart melted. I know kids don’t always love being photographed, so if I can make it a fun experience for them it just means the world to me! Plus, it usually makes for sweeter photos if you can tell the kiddos are having a good time!!

Kelsey, you’ve raised an amazing little man! We hope these previews of your mother and son photoshoot bring you tons of joy now, and will be precious treasures later!