Heritage Park Family Photos

Sun? Warm air? Cool breeze? Yes, please!!! For weeks, it had been quite dreary and rainy, but the skies cleared on session day! Yay!! In fact, it almost felt like Spring 26 days early! It was gorgeous. Heritage Park was packed with families, cars, and dogs enjoying the day. I got very creative with how to block out the distractions and keep the kids engaged with the camera! [Symbol] Then, as we were wrapping up the session, it started drizzling. Really?! Chattanooga weather cannot be trusted, ha! 🙂

Thankfully, before the drizzle, we captured so much joy. We started photographing the Young family when the oldest daughter, Josefina, was 6 months old. Fast forward to today, and we’re photographing the youngest daughter, Ilana, at 6 month’s old, and Josie’s 22 months! Time. Slow. Down. It’s been so fun (and super special!) to celebrate life with the Young family as they’ve grown in number and the girls have grown up. 

Josie’s on the move, and Ilana will not be far behind. Would you believe us if we told you that Ilana gets on all hands and knees for a few seconds already?! Believe it! Anything to catch up with big sis and see what all the fun’s about!  

What a special gift sisterhood is. We can’t wait to see their bond grow, but it’s okay with us if they stay little too. Can you blame us? Do you see how cute these pictures are?! Ugh. Our hearts can’t take it! 

 It’s ridiculous how much joy we experience working with kids! Call us crazy, but it’s seriously energy-giving for us! Elise & Daniel, we hope that you love these giggle-filled previews of our time together at Heritage Park as much as we do! 🙂