NICU Graduation Photos

Sweet Emma Faith was born with heart and neural tube defects that landed her an unanticipated 42-day Neonatal Intensive Care stay. Her mommy and daddy, Michelle and Randy, were her biggest cheerleaders while they balanced life inside and outside of the NICU with their soon-to-be two-year-old! Whew. Please tell me there’s an award for this! They deserve it!! We all were so thrilled she got to come home after those long 42 days, so we celebrated with a NICU graduation photoshoot!

On March 14th, Emma will have a long-awaited open heart surgery. To further celebrate these milestones, her parents wanted to capture some precious moments of Emma and her sister, Ava. Though I didn’t know the family from working in the NICU, another family we’ve photographed recommended us for the occasion (makin’ me feel warm and fuzzy)! We really couldn’t feel more honored to celebrate life with the Shelley family in this way! This what we’re all about!!

While Emma settled in, Ava kept the shutter of our camera busy with plenty of wiggles and giggles! 🙂 But, I think the highlight of our session time for Ava (and for me!) was when she got to hold her baby sister. When offered to hold her, wiggly Ava quickly sat down and welcomed Emma with open arms and forehead kisses. SO SWEET!

What a journey you’ve been on, Michelle and Randy! Ava and Emma are so blessed to have parents that pour so much love into their lives. We’re praying for your sweet, sweet family and the healthcare providers that are, and will be, caring for Emma. We can’t wait to hear from you once Emma’s recovered.  What a wonderful day that’ll be! 🙂 In the meantime, we will be doing a happy dance about the first big milestone, Emma’s NICU graduation! We hope these previews bring you lots of joy!