Marblegate Farm: Wedding Venue Highlight

If you just got engaged, you may be overwhelmed by your to-do list and don’t know where to start. One aspect that can’t be skirted around is a venue. After all, you need somewhere for people to celebrate with you! If you want to celebrate at a venue that has an entirely different character from the norm, but is all the better for it, then consider Marblegate Farm! The venue is in Friendsville, Tennessee, (about 25 minutes outside of Knoxville) and is known for its location as well as its rustic charm.


Okay, I know you aren’t picking your wedding venue for its history. I’m not much of a history buff, myself. But Marblegate Farm’s history is really cool! Over 70 years ago, a train carrying huge marble blocks derailed on the property’s peninusla. The railway and marble was abandoned until the owners purchased it! They used the raw marble to create the iconic stone pillars at the venue’s entrance which leads you to their marble-studded waterfront. Seriously, how cool is that?!


Marblegate Farm’s waterfront is a peaceful focal point on the farm. It sets the tone of southern charm throughout the property. The property has it all—a farmhouse, barn, gardens, boat house, lakefront, docks, and pastures. Your outdoor ceremony or portrait locations are endless! The large, mature trees with low-hanging branches reminds me a lot of Savannah, Georgia. Not to mention, it makes for GORGEOUS pictures! We could spend hours on portraits, but I know we can’t. But one thing you know you’ll walk away with is a lot of variety in your photo gallery!

Indoor Option

If you want an indoor option, or just prefer an indoor ceremony or reception, they have a gorgeous hall space. This space is anchored by a large stone fireplace and exposed wooden beams. The scale of the ceiling is perfect for drapery to add that dreamy touch! It offers the perfect setting for celebrations of up to 400 guests. There’s also a covered patio perfect for cocktail hour or lawn games!

marblegate farm wedding venue highlight by alyssa rachelle photography


Marblegate offers a variety of event design and planning services for your wedding. Along with breathtaking views, their team is equipped to make sure that you can enjoy the day without having to worry about much else! Their creative partners will help ensure that not only do they meet all your needs but exceed them as well. I mean that seriously! When I arrived at the venue for the first time, the owner was at my car with a golf cart escort within seconds! She was ready to serve.

Marblegate Farm has scenic views from every angle. They are known for their elegant, yet refined feel with a unique open-air atmosphere. So, if you are into Southern elegance and charm, make sure to check them out. You’ll also have a really cool history story to share with your guests! Ha!

And of course, if you need wedding photography services, especially someone familiar with this venue, please message me!


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