Why Hire A Proposal Photographer

Once you’ve hired a proposal photographer, the planning begins! There are three basic scenarios with countless variations, each allowing the moment to be captured, while keeping it a surprise.

You’ve got the girl. You’ve got the ring (who knew something could be that shiny!). You’ve got the perfect words. So now you wait…for what may feel like forever. The anticipation for the moment you’re on bended knee is intensifying.

Your proposal will be one of the most emotional, memorable moments in your life. One that often goes so quickly, and is filled with so much feeling, that many brides share they can barely remember what happened! That’s where photography comes in, helping capture the reactions, embraces, and details that you worked so hard on.

How excited would she be if you expressed interest in doing a portrait session together? We almost guarantee that she’ll be all over it. By scheduling a session, your proposal photographer will be able to shoot in ideal conditions—unconstrained by hiding and ability to work with great light. Not to mention, your girl will have planned her outfit, hair, and makeup. When brides have reflected on their proposal, some shared that they appreciated being photo-ready.


  • Family portraits (with this option, you could also involve your loved ones in your plans)
  • Holiday portraits
  • Highlight that you haven’t had professional pictures done together ever (or in a while)
  • Pretend you have won a portrait session in a contest
  • Tell her that the photographer is looking to build their portfolio with couple shoots

Propose in a location where a photographer’s presence would not be out of the norm.

Picking a location where photographers are expected, allows your photographer to be present, but hide their purpose. For example, your photographer could be shooting something in the area, then when you’re ready, they change their attention to your proposal. Your girl will probably be so zoned in on your moment, that she won’t even notice she’s being photographed!

Location options:

  • A beautiful landscape, park, or iconic location
  • An event
  • At a party

From our hearts to yours: If you chose to propose at an event or party that is for someone else, take the time to discuss your proposal with them first! You’ll want to avoid the drama of taking away from their celebration.

This involves your photographer hiding completely out of sight. You’ll want to scout your chosen location for your photographer to hide out spot. This spot will need to have clear field of view of where you’ll be positioned—not impeded by passersby’s or objects. Make sure to chat with your photographer on how you plan to mark the spot they need to hide at. This way you don’t have to secretly break away from your girl to meet up.

Photographer hide out options:

  • In bushes or dug out
  • Behind blinds, trees, half-walls, or other objects that the photographer could subtly look out from to shoot
  • On a balcony
  • In a car, shooting through the window

Communication with your photographer is vital in these scenarios. Every detail needs to be discussed before the day of your proposal. Decide upon a way to indicate to the photographer when it’s time for the magic to happen (e.g. gesture, text, code word, etc.). Agree upon when the photographer will reveal themselves so that you can capture photos after your proposal.

Any ideas pop in your head? Are you even more excited now? We hope you are! Let us know how we can help. Your excitement is contagious. And who couldn’t use more excitement in their life?!

If you’re looking for more inspiration on why you should hire a proposal photographer, check out one of the times I got to photograph a proposal – these images are just too sweet!