Reasons to Take Engagement Photos

Here are are just a few reasons to take engagement photos! Why? Here’s our top reasons:


1 – Become more comfortable in front of the camera.

If you’re like most people, the thought of being photographed can give you a case of nerves. Most people worry that doing professional photos will feel awkward. And who wants to spend their time feeling that way?! We’ve been there. That’s why we’ve written a blog on how to feel natural and have fun! But, we also recommend having time in front of the camera before the Big Day to ease some of those nerves.

2 – Get to know your photographer and their work.

Your session experience and photographer are so much more than a camera shutter clicking and the photos you’re given. You and your wedding photographer will be spending hours together on one of the most special, intimate days of your life. Your engagement session is an opportunity to learn if your photographer’s personality, work flow, and finished photos are a perfect fit for you. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing who will be showing up on your wedding day and that you LOVE their work of you! Not to mention, since your photographer’s no longer a stranger, you’re more likely to feel comfortable during wedding day photos!

3 – Time to bond during a busy, stressful time.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, and the pressure can be unreal. It’s important that you take time to enjoy each other and remember WHY you’re getting married. An engagement session allows you to break free from the noise and to-dos, celebrating this brief, transitional period in your life.

4 – Have portraits in non-wedding clothes.

Having additional photos can be SO helpful. It’s nice to have photo options for your home and social media. Your wedding photos will always be tied to a specific event and you’ll likely be in just one (but gorgeous!) outfit. Engagement photos can be versatile, having different outfits, locations, and poses.

5 – Have photos to use for your wedding.

Have you thought of doing Save the Dates, a wedding website, a guest book, Thank You cards, and/or displaying prints, canvases, or slideshows at the wedding? These are all opportunities to use professional photos! Why not have these photos taken during your engagement period?!

We’ve got to tell you something. We didn’t’ have engagement photos done (yikes!). It’s been one of our biggest regrets! So, we’re speaking from experience here – engagement photos are a must! We hope you book yours pronto!

Gone are the times of saying things like this:

“I’m not comfortable in front of the camera.”

“I don’t really know my photographer.”

“We’ll get wedding photos, so we don’t need more professional ones done.”

“We don’t have time for anything other than wedding planning right now.”