Rebranding Phase III: Blog Site Launch

Can I share something exciting with you?! I completed Phase III of my rebranding project FOUR MONTHS EARLY! What?! God’s given me a different kind of laser focus during these last few weeks of pregnancy, and pregnancy insomnia’s real ya’ll. Initially, I planned to complete this during “Baby Leave,” while Beckett naps or Jimmy takes over. Now, I can nap too (this is very relieving), and you can stay up-to-date with me!

So, here’s Phase III—my new blog site launch!!! I’ve been waiting for this day since I started this business. When I started I could only afford a very simple platform on an inexpensive website host plan. This meant I was limited on my website design, features, and blogging since it didn’t support blogging (yikes!). I accepted a longer workflow and found ways to make a “blog,” but it just couldn’t compare to having a platform built for blogging.

That’s why I’m over the moon about the blessing of having a website that interfaces with WordPress! You can read about my new, main website HERE. On the blog site, I can easily share sessions I’ve captured, my personal adventures and Beckett updates, and resources with you! I’ll spare boring you with all the geeky stuff, like SEO, that also gets me excited about this. Need-less-to-say, working with this new interface will speed up my workflow, which means blog posts and session galleries will get delivered to clients even faster; more traffic will be generated to my website, which means more client leads; and I’ll get more sanity back! (I’m really excited about the last result in particular.) Everyone wins!

Like the other recent rebranding projects I’ve done, I designed this site myself. Since the blog site is a separate site from my main site, I wanted the design to be mirrored on both so that a viewer can go between the two sites without even knowing. I love that a viewer can search the blog, look at posts within a category or sub-category, and easily share to social media or leave comments right on the post!

The blog is up a running with some content in it already! I’ve started transferring some of my old site’s “blog” content into this site, but that’s going to take some tedious time. I wanted to go ahead and get the blog out there, so that I can share new posts with you, which in these next few months is going to be all things Baby Beckett. Sorry, not sorry!

I hope you find the blog site easy to use and the content enjoyable and helpful! If you have any feedback, or find that something needs to be fix, please let me know! I’m one tired mommy, and am not above someone helping me out! Thanks for supporting my journey! 🙂


-Alyssa Rachelle